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RCT: ODF 1.2 Change-Tracking Repair Development

Roadmap: Initial Sketch


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Development of the RCT: Repaired Change-Tracking ODF 1.2 Extension Profile proceeds at several level.  The work is iterative and cross-cutting among the levels.  All of the effort is reflected on nfoWorks web pages with progressive additions and refinements. 

These are the objectives:

These end points depend on results of extensive analysis and progressive development:


Hamilton, Dennis E.
RCT ODF 1.2 Change-Tracking Repair Development Initial Sketch.   nfoWorks nfoNote page n140501c 0.04, November 6, 2014.  Accessed at <>.
Revision History:
0.04 2014-11-06-09:16 Light Editing
Use roadmap and sketch consistently
0.03 2014-07-10-21:13 Tie in Blue Sky Office
Connect to Blue Sky Office for providing representative cases without compelling particular behavior.
0.02 2014-07-08-09:04 Clarify Initial Conditions and Contrasts
The initial relationship with ODF 1.2 reversibility is established.
0.01 2014-07-01-17:29 Provide Initial Sketch
0.00 2014-05-04-12:54 Initial Placeholder Version
Provide initial placeholder version for holding initial conceptualization notes.


Construction Structure (Hard Hat Area)
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