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RCT Application Assessment


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The first level of assessment applicable to support for RCT is with regard to compliance with the profile.  This is not very stringent; it is based on the permissive conformance conditions of the OpenDocument Version 1.2 OASIS Standard.  Profile compliance does include robust interpretation of RCT-compliant tracked changes.

There are two further levels of assessment provided in conjunction with the RCT Repaired Change-Tracking ODF 1.2 Extension Profile.  Application Assessment is for verification of implementation-defined compliance with respect to identified Application Profile criteria beyond minimal ODF compliance.  Next is Interoperability Assessment with respect to Interoperability Profiles that pertain to identified situations [Postma]. 

Application assessment is without consideration for interoperability.  Interoperability assessment is for heterogeneous interoperable use cases and will generally be against more stringent criteria and particular interoperability cases than application assessment.

RCT Application Assessment provides a suite of assessment test documents.  Procedures for test creation and for test employment are documented.    Anyone will be able to apply the assessment procedures for their own purposes and to independently assess the behavior of a product in use.  nfoWorks compilations of results from privately-conducted assessments are anonymized.

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