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RCT Extension Down-Level Resiliency


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A promise for RCT is that down-level implementations will accept RCT-extended ODF documents and consume them exactly as if the extension were not present.

Well before work is heavily invested in development of RCT, a suite of test documents us created, circulated, and tested against implementations to confirm that the handling of such documents is no worse than when the same document with no extension features is accepted. 

There are at least two documents for each test, one exactly the same as the other except that foreign attributes are introduced where RCT extensions may provide those of its own.  This dual check is important to calibrate whether any difficulties are a consequence of the foreign attributes or are existing difficulties with a particular document and its tracked changes.

In some cases, the test documents are for cases that are known to involve defective deviations in implementations of ODF 1.2 change-tracking provisions.  The deviation tends to involve tracked-changes that are not preserved properly between save and reload of a document, even in the same implementation.  In such cases, the test might demonstrate the defect with one document pair and offer alternative documents that are more likely preferable under RCT, even with consumers that are not RCT-aware.

There are documented procedures for the creation and employment of test cases.    Anyone will be able to employ the test documents for their own purposes and to independently assess the behavior of a product in use.  nfoWorks-developed compilations of assessment results will be anonymized.

The suite remains usable after RCT is available.  Implementations that are claimed to support RCT are still expected to be resilient to non-RCT foreign elements, attributes, and attribute values, even if co-mingled with the RCT extensions.  Some of the down-level resiliency tests will be updated to provide for their use as new resiliency cases.

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