Simplifying Speech-Enabled Applications

Via the Cover Pages: XML Daily Newslink for 2008-10-14, I learn that the W3C has standards for speech-enabled/-enabling web applications.  The addition announced today is the W3C Pronunciation Lexicon Specification (PLS) Standard.  This is an accessibility as well as a convenience feature.  PLS is intended to work with Text to Speech (TTS) and VoiceXML applications. 

The PLS lexicon is an XML document and there is allowance for blended use with other namespaces.  This suggests to me that there is prospective use in interchange of office-productivity documents for various purposes.

I don’t expect that this will fit into any foreseeable level of harmonized features.  I am placing this marker because it may well feature in accessibility provisions at some point, even if accomplished via a public-profile agreement involving foreign elements.

The accessibility angle is an important one to keep an eye on for its interoperability, interchange, and preservation potential.

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