Steady, steady ...

While I am preparing for major additions and starting my homework as a new OASIS Open individual member, I am also performing some simple maintenance to the site template (resulting in version 0.02):

The new template previews correctly.  Making this post will apply it to the main page, this individual post, and the archive page that this post is part of.  Older posts have not been republished.  They will continue to be formatted under the previous template, unless they are republished by me or as the result of a comment.  I also backed up the blog to my development system before making the change on Blogger.

I believe there are extraneous cascading style-sheet (CSS) definitions in the <head> section of the template, and I will distill it down gradually.  It is nice that there are no external style sheets, but I want to simplify what is sent to the browser even more.

The development of the fire drill and incident-handling materials is going to go slowly, and I will make more template changes when I need a respite from that and from content-creation activities.

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