Interoperable ODF: Finding Ground Truth

Jesper Lund Stocholm has found his files from the Microsoft Document Interoperability Initiative ODF Workshop.  His post, "DII ODF Workshop - the good stuff", shares the nitty-gritty on-the-ground experience of transferring ODF documents from OpenOffice.org to Microsoft's pre-beta Office 2007 SP2 implementation and back again.  There's a download of eleven test files, each in two forms, along with PDFs of how they render.  There's an OpenOffice.org version of each document.  Then there's the Microsoft Office 2007 SP2 pre-beta ODF saving of the same document.  This is enough to discern how the the two applications handle application-specific features from other applications and express application-specific features of their own.

There are some great lessons becoming available with regard to interoperable use of document formats.  Here's what I see in terms of the Microsoft Office and OpenOffice.org implementations of ODF:

I don't foresee the Harmony Principles alleviating this situation in any way.  At best, I expect it to help us appreciate the cost of interoperability and its improvement over time.

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