... Tweaking the Sidebar ...

I can't stand some things about the sidebar, and I must fix them now (template versions 0.04-0.05):

I need to be careful and not attempt too much of this all at once.   This is going to be one of those pages that I will probably update as I make progress.

Update 2008-08-20T23:54Z: A set of provisional changes are made with template version 0.04 with the idea of tweaking further after seeing the template at work.

Update 2008-08-21T01:07Z: The biggest change is to get rid of link underlining and use bold-face as well as an improved link color.  This and some minor layout adjustments are accomplished with template version 0.05.  I am going to let those sit there for a while until I see how to make the layout more pleasant still.

Update 2008-08-21T01:14Z: The changes work better if I save the new template to Blogger after previewing it.

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