Weaving the Safety Net

The next series of activities for creation of this blog involve creation of a safety net against my own slip-ups and as a defense in case the blog becomes corrupted at some point.

This work takes up where Ramping Up has now left off. Compulsive knot-hole peepers will find a Construction Zone and Construction Notes on "Pursuing Harmony" Blog Operation.

1. First steps 2008-08-13T23:10Z. The first step is to capture the blog template and keep it in a form that is available under version control any time it is necessary to restore an earlier template:

2. Template Cleanup 2008-08-14T00:11Z.  The next step is to clean up the template a slight amount in preparation for further customization:

3. Safety Net Incorporation 2008-08-13T01:23Z.  With a maintainable template backed-up and versioned, there are many improvements called for.  Those are cosmetic and not urgent, however desirable.  Instead, provisions for locking down the blog, repairing/recovering it, and restoring it to operation will be put in place.  The arrangement depends on the site being accessible by the administrator even though the blog is not working properly for some reason.

These pages are developed as part of the "Pursuing Harmony" Blog Operations material.  That's the next step.  Then we can have our first fire drill.

[update 2008-08-14T14:24Z added an important omitted word.  I'm now back on the out-of-sight work needed in order to perform a successful fire drill.  I forgot how tedious this is.  The previous setup on Orcmid's Lair is old and stale and needs to be refreshed as part of that site's eventual repaving.  Meanwhile, onward ... .]

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