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This is the web diary for nfoWorks and realization of the Harmony Principles. Pursuing Harmony tracks nfoWorks research, analysis, specification, and implementation of tools for document interoperability. There is commentary on related activities that address conformance, interoperability, and harmonization of document formats.

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Content Assembly for nfoWorks?

Also from the Cover Pages: XML Daily Newslink for 2008-10-14, there is word of jCAM, an open-source, Java-based CAM XML Processor and Template Editor.  The SourceForge Project has the software; the web site has more information and tutorials.

The focus of the OASIS Content Assembly Mechanism (CAM) TC is on information management of XML documents used for business transactions.  What attracts my attention is that

“The vision of the CAM work is for describing machine-processable information content flows into and out of XML structures … .”

Some of the lingo is opaque to me, but I do have interest in automated approaches that involve

  • integration with metadata semantics
  • registration of metadata vocabularies
  • documentation of information exchange formats
  • validation of transaction instances
  • runtime creation of valid transaction documents

I may have problems in the validation and filtering of documents and test suites that are not at the proper scale for CAM.  I do think it is worth examining for ideas and applicable techniques.  This is my placeholder reminder for that.

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