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This is the web diary for nfoWorks and realization of the Harmony Principles. Pursuing Harmony tracks nfoWorks research, analysis, specification, and implementation of tools for document interoperability. There is commentary on related activities that address conformance, interoperability, and harmonization of document formats.

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Let’s Try This for a While

Here is my effort to find a smoother appearance for this blog.

After practicing with this for a while and making any further adjustments, I will republish the entire blog in this format for consistency and to have the Creative Commons notice appear on all pages of the blog.

[update 2010-04-16T04:00Z: I should point out that previous posts that discuss the format of the blog are in reference to a format that no longer exists on the main page and new posts.  While there remain some color-scheme issues with the updates just completed, that’s nothing like the earlier problems.  I will republish the entire blog once there is calm.  That will make earlier posts about the blog format even more peculiar.  I’m looking into ways to deal with that.]

In my first trial post I noticed a problem that may have been here all along (and some other blogs too). This will show up on the shorter posts. Let's see if I found the fix.
Yes, that did it. I must retrofit that fix to other blogs that have the problem.
I needed to do a bit more harmonization between the Orcmid's Lair template and this one, so the bugs in each have been cancelled out, I trust.

There is still a problem with the appearance here. This blog bothers my eyes when I look at it. The other one doesn't.

It may have to do with the use of blue. I didn't want to go to solid black text, but that may be necessary for cleaner presentation.
OK, I have now gone to black type in the body text, though I don't think that was the issue so much as having a better set of font faces.

I was also obsessing about how parts of the blog page seemed too far over into violet but I solved that when I looked at the blog from a different computer. I need to recalibrate the screen on my main desktop. That should turn out better all around [;<).

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