Open Government Data: Simple Principles

I finally noticed the Open Government Data Principles and associated Open Government Data site and Wiki (via Doc Searls).

It strikes me how much simpler and well-framed this discussion is, contrasted with the over-stated manifesto for document freedom.

Somehow, when it is about simply-described affirmative principles, it becomes simpler to grasp and to imagine the possibilities and opportunities that are afforded.  Here are the key qualities around public government data public made open:

with reviewable compliance.

There is more to be found on the wiki, and anyone can register and add their questions and perspective to the fleshing-out of these notions.

One can splice open documents, especially the public’s documents, into this structure as well.  This puts important context around the technological issues involved in having documents in formats that everyone can use and that are freely implementable in computer software.

This has me think of a few other qualities that might matter in both domains, especially around durability/permanence.

You might have some thoughts about this too.  Visit the Open Government Working Group page for more.

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