Retiring InfoNuovo.com

[cross-posted 2008-12-29T16:49Z from Orcmid’s Lair.  Some of the oldest links that still use the infonuovo.com domain are related to ODMA.  This post is here to catch those who might end up searching for previously-found ODMA material and wonder where it has gotten too and happen to have an interest in the integration of content-management as well as document interoperability.]

I am retiring the InfoNuovo.com domain after 10 years.  The domain will be cast loose at the beginning of February, 2009.  Those places where there are still references to infonuovo.com need to be updated:

If you have an infonuovo.com bookmark and you are not sure of its replacement, simply use it and notice the URL of the destination that appears in the address bar of your browser.  That is the URL that should be bookmarked.

InfoNuovo.com was the first domain name that I ever rented.  It was originally hosted on VServers and absorbed through acquisitions a couple of times.  On March 22, 1999, I posted my first construction note on the use of InfoNuovo.com as an anchor site, a web site that houses other web sites as part of a single hosting.  This was also the first step toward evolution of what I now call the construction structure of any nfoCentrale web site.   InfoNuovo was the company name I had chosen for my independent consulting practice initiated on retirement from Xerox Corporation in December, 1998.

When I moved from Silicon Valley to the Seattle Area in August, 1999, I found that InfoNuovo was too easily confused with a name already registered in Washington State.  The business became NuovoDoc, but I continued to hold the infonuovo.com domain name for the support of the subwebs housed there.  I eventually moved most content to the new anchor, nfoCentrale.net, on Microsoft bCentral. 

There was one problem.  Although I could redirect unique domain names, such as ODMA.info, to the current anchor, the web pages still served up with the URLs of the actual location on the anchor site.  I experimented with URL cloaking, but that created as many problems as it solved.

In October 2006, following the lead of Ed Bott, I switched to A2 Hosting as a way to reduce the hosting fees and also take advantage of the A2 shared hosting Apache-server provisions for addon domains.  Addon domains serve up with URLs of their domain even though the domain is anchored on a single hosted site (in this case, nfoCentrale.com).  I consolidated all nfoCentrale.net and infonuovo.com content on nfoCentrale.com.  I also parked domains nfoCentrale.net and infonuovo.com where they are today, atop nfoCentrale.com.  Now, however, accessing any of the individual subwebs triggers redirection to the appropriate addon-domain URL.

This took care of my wanting to have the subwebs always respond as the domains that I have as their addons.  It also raised an unexpected problem around case-sensitivity of Apache filenames, a situation I am still digging my way out of.  That shows how important having the addon-domain capability is to me.  I’m not sure I’d have moved if I knew how difficult the case-sensitivity extrication would be though.

I know that there are still infonuovo.com URLs out there, even though the addon domains have been in place for over two years.  In another month, those URLs will fail.  I just don’t want to lease infonuovo.com any longer.  I do feel a little sentimental about it.  That’s not going to stop me.