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2008-02-18 styles for Site Bootstrapping.  Check those pages for additional details of the approach and the styles. 
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  2014-08-21 Consider the "application agreement" in OOXML as a counterpart of what is being done for RCT (and PCT in its own way).
  2014-06-30 Adapt the OOXML handling of Conformance Clauses and how they are categorized.  Find appropriate non-normative references.
  2014-06-30 The RCT Hypertext has the form of a standards-track specification from the beginning.  A number of standard sections apply.
  2014-06-30 The RCT Hypertext is a parallel effort with the development of RCT and especially the test suites.  The selection model and the principles will be appealed to once in draft form here.
  2014-06-30 Since a print, interchange document form is expected, address some of the ways document engineering is reflected at that level (e.g., how Creative Commons license information appears, how version history and connection to sources is handled, etc.)
  2014-06-30 Early on, establish conformance language and ways to discriminate between informative, descriptive, and normative material.  Check existing standards for ideas. 
  2014-06-30 Establish a devNote for the Table of Contents.
  2014-06-30 Add a coordination catalog that collects folio connections for all of the professional appearance items in this hyperdocument.  It might be an x000000 document that shadows the RCT table of contents to the extent there is a correspondence.
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Construction Structure (Hard Hat Area)

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