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 Faux Namespace ns/odf/1.2/pct/faux#


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The nfoWorks namespace identifier is for foreign attributes and elements that are not intended to be used in interchange.  The namespace is used with foreign components that are injected into test documents for verification that implementations will simply ignore them. 

This namespace is entirely for this purpose.  It is has no formal standing, because there is no significance to its local names whatsoever.  It is a faux namespace in the sense that it will never be used for any implementation-defined or extension-defined purpose.  Occurrence of this namespace in a document should never have any significance in implementations of OpenDocument consumers.  They shall be treated as foreign in PCT-aware consumers.

The primary description of this namespace is always available at ns/odf/1.2/pct/faux# specifically for identifying it as always-foreign if it is ever encountered and resolved as part of a namespace inspection.

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Faux Namespace ns/odf/1.2/rct/faux#.   nfoWorks devNote folio d140803 0.00, August 29, 2014.  Accessed at <>.
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