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RCT Repaired Change Tracking Namespace


 0.03 2017-06-14 20:22

The nfoWorks namespace identifier is for nfoWorks-defined extensions that repair text change-tracking in the OASIS Standard ODF 1.2 specification.

The namespace is used with ODF 1.2 foreign elements, attributes and attribute values that are "implementation-defined" by the RCT Repaired Change-Tracking ODF 1.2 Extension Profile.  Developers will characterize their implementation-defined adoption according to provisions of the profile.

The primary description for the namespace is always available at ns/odf/1.2/rct#.

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Hamilton, Dennis E.
RCT Repaired Change-Tracking Namespace.   nfoWorks devNote folio d140501 0.03, August 29, 2014.  Accessed at <>.
Revision History:
0.03 2014-08-29-16:10 Touch-Up Review
Review and minor touch-ups to
0.02 2014-06-30-14:55 Change Name of Folio
The name is changed to avoind confusion of the namespace definition and the specification material
0.01 2014-06-29-13:57 Adjust to Extension Profile approach
The extension profile work is referenced and the faux namespace case is also linked
0.00 2014-05-08-17:56 Establish Initial Placeholder for Material
Have just enough document engineering for the nfoWorks ns/odf/1.2/rct/default.htm page to be introduced as a placeholder for the forthcoming content.

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