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1. Summary

1.1 nfoWorks-issued identifiers beginning with are defined for use in customizations of the OpenDocument Format (ODF). 

1.2 The identifiers can apply to implementation-dependent/defined features of conforming documents.  The identifiers can be used for foreign elements, attributes, and values in extended ODF documents.   Those usages can also be a provisional implementation of a feature that is reserved in a new Committee Draft. The definitions of each identifier and/or namespace will specify these and other individual cases that apply.

1.3 Generally, there will be additional path segments that distinguish the version of ODF that the identifier is introduced in conjunction with (e.g., ns/odf/1.2/).  The identifier may be used with subsequent versions of ODF depending on the specific circumstances.  Identifier definitions specify the range of their application to ODF versions.

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2. More Information

Hamilton, Dennis E.
ns/odf/ Namespace Segment Structure.   nfoWorks devNote folio d120402 0.05, November 2, 2012.  Accessed at <>.
Revision History:
0.05 2012-11-02-17:09 Clarify Provisional Cases
d120402c1 emphasizes that both implementation-dependent/-defined and extension features can be provisional.
0.04 2012-10-29-18:41 Explain Cases of ODF-related nfoWorks Identifiers
d120402c1 distinguishes implementation-dependent/-defined, extension, provisional, and reserved identifiers.
0.03 2012-07-21-10:24 Reviewed for Alignment on Identifiers
Also switched to permalink paragraph numbering, cleaned up attribution, and performed some text improvements.
0.02 2012-06-30-13:29 Provide More Context
References to related material and more illustration of usage is added.
0.01 2012-05-11-16:04 Provide Simple Cover
Give the essence of it on the folio cover.
0.00 2012-04-20-17:03 Establish Initial Placeholder for Material
Have just enough document engineering for the first nfoWorks ns/ page to be presented as part of the documentation of the definition of namespaces as part of nfoWorks.

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