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ns/odf/1.2/ Namespace Segment


 0.03 2017-06-14 20:21

The ns/odf/1.2 namespace segment is used for those nfoWorks URI-based namespaces and identifiers that are introduced for use in nfoWorks-defined features for ODF 1.2 document.

The defined features are used for implementation-dependent/-defined features and for extensions in accordance with the provisions of the OASIS ODF 1.2 specifications.

The current extensions are intended to provide provisional features that anticipate features reserved in ODF 1.3 Committee Drafts.  Such features can be implemented in a way that allows implementations to be automatically prepared to support the reserved forms once an OASIS Standard for ODF 1.3 allows documents having the features.

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Hamilton, Dennis E.
ns/odf/1.2/ Namespace Segment.   nfoWorks devNote folio d120403 0.03, November 2, 2012.  Accessed at <>.
Revision History:
0.03 2012-11-02-17:20 Provisional Feature Clarification
Provisional features may arise as either implementation-dependent-defined cases or as extensions.
0.02 2012-10-29-19:49 Devote to Provisional Extensions
The folio is updated to focus on provisional extensions and how that allows anticipatory adoption of features reserved in an ODF 1.3 Committee Specification.
0.01 2012-07-25-18:29 Provide completed folio
The folio is completed with basic description of the currently-defined namespaces and identifiers under the ns/odf/1.2 segment.
0.00 2012-04-23-16:21 Establish Initial Placeholder for Material
Have just enough document engineering for the folio to be referenced from elsewhere and to manage the additional customization required.

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