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  2013-11-11 c080801c: Treat as the mothball page and just identify the other components for what they are.  Also, there are blog-archive pages that can be used to flesh this out rather than have to repeat anything.  This will be the Blogger version retirement, and c080801d can deal with the new blog, when it is ready to make the default and the blog is operating.
  2013-11-11 c080801i.txt is the final template for the blog under Blogger
  2013-11-11 c080801i.mht is the final, blue format that was used with Blogger
  2013-11-11 c080801h.txt is a capture of the Blogger template for Pursuing Harmony
  2013-11-11 c080801g.mht is a snapshot, with still bad alignment, of some further tuning.
  2013-11-11 c080801f.mht is a snapshot, with bad alignment, of a Technorati test post
  2013-11-11 c080801e.mht is a 2008 capture while I was working on getting the title and sidebar working better
  2013-11-11 c080801d.mht is a 2008 capture of a page in the orange style (not the final Blogger style)
  2013-11-11 Put explanation in place: The Blog project is to move from the Blogger "Pursuing Harmony" that was originally operated and is here, managing the conversion to a different blog publishing operation.
  2013-11-11 The Blog Operation is about converting from "Pursuing Harmony" Blogger to Movable Type or another structure.
  2008-08-16 There should be an individual contact page here, I think, and maybe privacy too.  It would be good if the contact page and related procedures were on a different system, not on this server.  Maybe on Windows Live storage.  That might be good redundancy for several things.
  2008-08-16 The site and the blog (perhaps together) needs a separate status table and not the composite nfoCentrale one.
  2008-08-16 This folio will have the information for the fire drills, incidence response, and all-clear operations.
  2008-08-16 This folio will have the information and instructions for the backup procedure, and any development for it later.
  2008-08-13 I need some rational basis for having material here versus having material, especially work items, in the diary/ Construction Zone.  It looks like this is documentation, that is individual activities and operations.
done 2013-11-11 Check the diary/ folder to see what is needed for the construction structure
done 2013-11-11 Confirm that the MHT files still work and are viewable or not.on the site.  [dh:2013-11-11 The files are viewable in Windows XP with the IE that launches for viewing from FrontPage 2003.][dh:2013-11-11 Under Windows 8.1 and IE11, the pages download but they then open fine from the download location of the 8.1 account.  Accessing on another server might be a problem, but this is good enough to continue making the files available.]
done 2013-11-11 Review the structure here for correct fragment identifiers and page style: c080801, c080801a, c080801b, c080801c
2010-04-10 Capture the new template but maybe don't have to talk about it so much, just be able to refer to somewhere that I do for the homogenizing and migration effort. [dh:2010-04-17 The latest new template and a blog post formed with it are at c080801i.txt and .mht
done 2010-04-10 Capture the latest template before the major changeover.
done 2010-04-10 c080801d.mht, c080801e.mht, c080808f.mht, c080808g.mht: Capture representative archive pages that reflect the progression of formats and the problems with them.
done 2008-08-13

This material conforms to the
2008-02-18 styles for Site Bootstrapping.  Check those pages for additional details of the approach and the styles. 
Contact the nfoWorks technical coordinator with questions and to report any defects that you notice.

done 2008-08-13 c080801: Update "Related Material" to identify the actual placeholders
done 2008-08-13 Complete proper placeholder structure for the folio: c080801, c080801a, c080801b, c080801c
done 2008-08-13

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