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1. Scope

nfoWorks captures analysis and solutions for professional-grade interoperability of electronic-document applications.  The products of interest are complex, intricate, and have significant requirements for reliability, dependability, accessibility, internationalization, and usability by a diverse population. The effort involves

  • analysis of existing specifications, standards, and implementations for determination of interoperability opportunities and limitations
  • specification of profiles and guidance for interoperable operations
  • test assertions and test suites, including specimen documents and deviations
  • forensic tools for employment in document analysis, software trouble-shooting, confirmation of operation, and assessment of conformance.
  • reference implementations at various levels, including code components, software libraries, and utility suites.
  • proposals for interoperability-enhancing modifications, features, extensions, and practices

The Harmony Initiative is a source of guidance. 

2. Deliverables

All deliverables for nfoWorks are provided under open licenses and made freely available for download and use.  Source code and related development materials are published and tracked on public open-source development sites. 

2.1 Software Libraries, Utilities, Tests, and Reference Implementations

2.1.1 Existing Freely-Available Materials.  Existing materials will be identified, along with guidance for obtaining them from authoritative sources.  Some materials will be mirrored on the nfoWare site as a convenience and for reference.  It is not intended that nfoWare provide general redistribution of existing material.

2.1.2 Building Libraries.  Libraries are typically provided in native code (such as C and C++ source code) that can be ported between different operating-system and hardware platforms.  The Library APIs and interfaces are amenable to integration into higher-level libraries that deliver frameworks for use in Java, .NET, Python, ECMAscript and other programming and integration models having native-layer "interop."  All libraries will be constructed with and useable with freely-available tools and compiler systems.

2.1.3 Utilities, Test Programs, and Tests.  Primarily designed for command-line and batch operation, utilities and test programs will be developed in appropriate higher-level languages when possible.  Test data, sample documents, and stress cases will be provided as they are developed.

2.1.4 Samples and Reference Implementations.  Samples and skeletal applications will be developed and provided to demonstrate use and employment of nfoWorks libraries and procedures. 

2.2 Documentation and Guidance

2.2.1 Specified Protocols, Interfaces, and Behavior.  The nfoWorks libraries and profile guidance will be supported by careful specifications that can be confirmed by inspection and tests.

2.2.2 Documentation for Usage and Adaptation.  Documentation sets will provide information and examples of usage of the libraries and utilities.  There will also be documentation to support adaptation of nfoWorks software for customization and extension.

3. Resources

nfoWorks Activity
The nfoWorks Diary is the place to watch for reports on nfoWorks activity and links to relevant new material.
nfoWorks Notes and Resources
Although organized chronologically, there is always a current catalog of general nfoNotes and resource materials provided on this site.
nfoWorks Development Materials
For more-technical treatment that is specific to the development of components and procedures, the devNotes section and its catalog is available.
nfoWorks on SourceForge
The nfoWorks SourceForge project is the location for the open-source tools and libraries that support both nfoWare and nfoWorks topics.
Oriented to learning, education, experimental and casual computing, the nfoWare site provides introductory materials and usable tools.  Some common utilities and development tools are featured here, although they are also valuable for nfoWorks and their development is provided under nfoWorks
This site and its related SourceForge project provides approaches and patterns for trustworthy development that inform nfoWorks developments.  There are also demonstration developments of utilities and other tools that are directly adapted in nfoWare and nfoWorks projects.

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