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The Content Material here was successfully customized as part of the
2008-02-18 stage of Site Bootstrapping.  Check those pages for additional details of the approach to bootstrapping and customization. 
Contact the nfoWorks technical coordinator with questions and to report any defects that you notice.

done 2014-08-21 n080201e/e1 0.04: Add PCT to left sidebar
done 2014-06-25 n080201e1: Align ClustrMap better and make all links on page same color as text.
done 2014-06-25 n080201e/e1: Add RCT to left sidebar
2014-06-05 n080201e: The sidebar should link to more coverage
done 2014-06-05 n080201e/e1: Add sidebar list of items and publish in current form as the latest and greatest.
2014-06-02 I need to figure out how to keep older versions on special archive pages but do widespread, automatic changes otherwise.  This looks like a template issue.  [dh:2014-06-05 This does not appear to be a problem unless I have forgotten what triggered this in the first place.]
2014-04-21 n080201e: Create new page which features projects and has the structure of the NuovoDoc and OdmDev front-page layouts.
2012-12-28 It is time to get a nice new logo and restore diary operation.  That would be a good reason to fixe the welcome page, too.
2011-10-18 I need an nfoWorks logo and thumbnail.  I am thinking of something like the gear-wheel background and a foreground hammer and arm with anvil and bits coming out as the hammered work.  [dh:2014-06-02 I settled on a welder image and also a small snippet from it.
2014-04-21 n080201 and default.htm: Make all UTF-8
done 2014-06-01 n080201e/e1: Clone from n080201d/d1 and begin customization without splicing into progression yet.
done 2012-12-28 Clean up titles and fragment IDs: n080201, n080201a, n080201b, n080201b1, n080201c, n080201c1, n080201d, n080201d1
2008-03-13 I still want something with more of a professional-appearance flavor for the default page.  Maybe there is a way to identify the document engineering using a smaller bottom block or some other device.  The creation of more front-porch material might be helpful.  [dh:2008-03-31 I can use the document-engineering form of things that I did for the diary page.  A good thing to do when moving to the Hard Hat stage in April.][dh:2008-04-03 The smaller Hard Hat button is still used to link to the construction structure.  The version number next to the timestamp in the abbreviated history block is used to link to the document engineering page.]
done 2008-04-02 Share new material to the hosted-site image and update the hosted site
done 2008-04-02 n000001: Update the catalog to reflect the new version
done 0.03 2008-04-02 n080201: Add n080201d to the list of materials
done 2008-04-02 n080201c1: Paste the boostrap notice instead of using the Include Page - we want to preserve this as it is and not have it show up as a customization that is still needed.
done 2008-04-02 n080201c1: Preserve the page with the 2008-04-02 ClustrMap captured for nfoDiary.
done 2008-04-02 n080201d/d1: Make the Hard Hat Beginnings version of the page.
2008-03-14 Do I want a new page or not.  Or should I just remove the Bootstrap notice?  Choose.  [dh:2008-04-02 We roll the page to capture a snapshot that goes with the diary up to that point.]
2008-03-14 Correct the tag line about what stage we are in from Bootstrap Stage to Bootstrap Days, and link to the diary.  [dh:2008-03-31 I also added a comment link from the left-column]
done 2008-03-13 Change "nfoWare" to "nfoWorks" in the title block of these folio pages.
done 2008-03-12 n080201, n080201c: Add attribution blocks
done 2008-03-12 Put Clustrmap on the pages
2008-03-11 Update the hosted site to now have the Bootstrap Stage home page
2008-03-11 Update the nfoNotes Catalog to reflect this version
2008-03-11 Share the new pages to the hosted-side image
2008-03-11 Make front-porch default.htm using n080201b1 as its Include Page
2008-03-11 Make n080201b1 share the Bootstrap Stage professional appearance page
2008-03-11 Make a Welcome, the Bootstrap Stage, page as n080201c1 and tie to its document engineering.
done 2008-03-11 Indicate completion of the bootstrap for this folio and its folder
done 2008-03-11 Make placeholders for n080201, n080201b, and n080201c too
done 2008-03-11

Create this page ready for recording Diary & Job Jar items of this nfoNote.

Revision History:
0.01 2008-03-12-13:17 Put initial Welcome in place
nfoWare: the Bootstrap Stage is completed and placed as the home page.
0.00 2008-03-11-20:47 Create Initial Placeholder
Introduce an initial placeholder that serve as a target of links and provides a diary & job jar that can be employed immediately.

Construction Structure (Hard Hat Area)
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