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PCT Packaging Experiments


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Proof-of-Concept demonstration of the OpenDocument Protected Change-Tracking involves assessment of how well the existing implementations of digitally-signed ODF 1.2 Packages can produce and operate with

  1. Base PCT Documents that are created as field-protected and digitally-signed OpenDocument Extended Spreadsheet and Extended Text Documents
  2. Blocker Documents that have read-only and entirely-protected warning documents that, when opened by non-PCT-aware document consumers, will manafest a warning text document that specifies PCT is required to process the document correctly.
  3. Generation 1 PCT Documents combining Base PCT Documents and there initial Change-Stack records into Blocker Documents with the combination digitally signed, having all of that content, and opening as if it is the (possibly damage-recovered) Blocker Document
  4. Creation of Generation 2 PCT Documents by putting the Generation 1 Manifests and Digital Signatures on the Change Stack, adding a Generation 2 Change-Stack Record, updating the original manifest in place, and signing the entire package by signing the apparent Blocker Document with all of the package content.
  5. Demonstration that the Generation 1 Signature is preserved when the Generation 2 Change-Stack record is removed and the Generation 1 Manifest and Digital Signature are restored to their original place in the package

This process can be continued to a Generation 3 as an empirical demonstration that this process can be continued as far as necessary.

These packaging experiments establish a foundation for proof-of-concept of PCT-aware processing by modification of existing ODF 1.2 OpenDocument Consumers and their available support of digitally-signed ODF 1.2 Packages.


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