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done 2014-08-22

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  2014-10-30 d140801b1: Update entries with manifests on the model of d140801b5.
  2014-10-30 d140801b2: Update entries with manifests on the model of d140801b5.
  2014-10-30 d140801b4: Update entries with manifests on the model of d140801b5.
  2014-09-03 Making subfolios (as opposed to Zips of material) under d140801-suite is a problem.  This creates far more hierarchy than might be useful.  It seems better to keep folios of work at the conventional levels, even though that can lead to some pretty large directories.  The resulting downloads can be packaged here as needed, as the go-to place.  But the packages can link to their supporting information and documentation, if separate.  So this might be a cache and not a suite.
  2014-09-02 d140801-suite: Capture everything I am encountering about bugs and inconsistencies that I am discovering as part of developing the PCT proof-of-concept just on document protection and signing of packages. [dh:2014-10-30 This might be better along with d140901.  Think on it.]
  2014-09-02 d140801c: Update to reflect the basic proof-of-concept on the structuring and signing of packages to carry PCT.
  2014-08-22 There needs to be a glossary of terms.  It can provide the glossary section for the extension project as well.  Hook up to it when something is available.
done 2017-04-25 d140801/-suite/default.htm: Change nomenclature to refer to it as a suite of assets.
2017-04-24 d140801: Fix the citation block to point directly to the AuthorIze form at
2015-10-25 d140801, d140801-suite/d140801b7: Fix to use the Author-Ize link.
done 2015-06-14 d140801: Correct name of Paper to "ProjectProgress Report: ... ."
done 2015-06-14 Publish the updated information via the hosted-site mirror
done 2015-06-14 Reflect the update in the catalog
done 2015-06-14 d1480801: Add bibliographic entry in the manner of n140501
done 2015-06-14 d140801b7: Add to d140801-suite in the same manner the final submission for RCT is supported at n140501b5.
2014-10-30 d140801b6: Capture the Revision that is submitted for the post-proceeding
2014-10-29 d140801b5: Capture the DChanges 2014 Presentation slides and all of the related source materials, with annotations.
done 2014-09-04 d140801-seclusion/-suite: Preserve all PCT development work product through 2014-08-21 as d140801b4
done 2014-09-04 d140801/d140801-suite: Add link to the DChanges Program so I can find it when I want.  Include it in my archive material also.
done 2014-09-03 d140801-suite: 0.01 update with account for the use of seclusion
done 2014-09-03 d140801-seclusion: Rename from d140801-embargo.  Change internally and in all mentions of it.
2014-08-22 Figure out how to provide accession-based names for the contents of d140801-suite.  I can go to a decade systems, such as d140801-nn, and that could roll up into alphanumeric cases if necessary.  Any of those could be nested folders to keep the -suite folder manageable. [dh:2014-09-02  I am going with the -nn.  There could also be continuing hierarchical nesting, similar to subassembly coding used in electronics diagrams.  This would be alternating alphabetic and numeral codings.  I used this already, in n140504-cache. So I wonder what the attraction of -nn is.  I only need the "-" to break up two like sequences.]
2014-08-22 I don't know if d140801-suite needs a construction zone or not.  The question is whether or not d140801a (this page) will be over-burdened or if it is best to manage the set.  I don't think managing work items for a full set of sub-folios from here is a great idea.   [dh:2014-09-02 I am creating a construction structure for it.]
done 2014-09-02 d140801-embargo is needed for materials that I'm not certain can be made open-access.  This also includes the papers and the material used in their own construction.  There is no (visible) Construction Structure, of course.
2014-08-22 Also to be covered in the folio is anything on how the proof-of-concept documents are constructed, disseminated, applied, etc.  Procedural stuff.
2014-08-22 d140801-suite/default.htm Complete Customization.  Then link from d140801 folio cover.
2014-08-22 d140801-cache or similar is needed for the collection of proof-of-concept materials and resiliency tests for PCT markers and PCT insertions in ODF 1.2 Packages. [dh:2014-08-22 d140801-suite will be used.]
done 2014-08-22 d140801-b/c Diversify titles along lines of d140602?  [dh:2014-08-22 Using "Organization" for [latest], "Preliminaries" for d140801c.
done 2014-08-22 d140801: Connect from the Project page immediately.
done 2014-08-22 Make placeholders for d140801, d140801a, d140801b, and d140801c.
done 2014-08-22

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