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Open-Source Jailbreak Licenses


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A jailbreak license is one that frees an open-source contribution from the specific open-source license employed by the project to which the contribution is made.  The jailbreak grants a license that allows reuse under terms separate from those of the project to which the contribution is made.

Jailbreak licenses are similar to but different than dual-/multiple-license.  First, no specific alternative license is named.  Secondly, jailbreak license notices are usually not included in the body of the covered contributions. 

The jailbreak license is is a "detached license" that applies to contributions by the license grantor to a specific entity.  It is generally more-permissive than the license used by the party to which the contribution is made, providing more flexibility for reuse of the contribution elsewhere.  The grant also doesn't depend on the contribution being used by the original recipient.

The advantage to the contributor is that a contribution can be make in a particular place and also be made available to other projects without duplicate contributions having to be made.

The use of jailbreak licenses was inspired by a desire to contribute to either one of the Apache OpenOffice and  LibreOffice projects and have the individual contributions be usable by both projects (any anyone else) without fuss.


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