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The nfoWorks namespace identifier is for nfoWorks-defined protection enhancements in OASIS Standard ODF 1.2 Conforming Documents.

It is anticipated that official counterparts may become available as standard provisions in OASIS ODF 1.3, providing for provisional use in anticipation of ODF 1.3 as well.

The recommended use of the terms under this namespace allows for migration to standard provisions once they are adopted.  There is also recommended practice for continued use of these extensions when there is no directly-substitutable standard provision.

The primary description is always available at ns/odf/1.2/protection#.

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Hamilton, Dennis E.
ns/odf/1.2/protection# Enhancements.   nfoWorks devNote folio d120404 0.02, November 22, 2012.  Accessed at <>.
Revision History:
0.02 2012-11-22-11:54 Achievement of Working Draft for protection#authz160
The current Protection Enhancements definition is redefined as 1.05 WD.  Using this number allows back-inclusion of early drafts.
0.01 2012-10-31-19:59 Add ODF Protection-Key Enhancement Proposals and the Latest Protection-Key Safety Advisory.
The source materials on this subject are cached as part of maintenance of the complete development history.  The namespace definition sets the stage for implementation-defined enhancements that may also become provisionally defined for ODF 1.3.
0.00 2012-04-28-12:21 Establish Initial Placeholder for Material
Have just enough document engineering for the nfoWorks ns/odf/1.2/protection/default.htm page to be introduced as a placeholder for the forthcoming content.

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