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1. Introduction

1.1 The namespace {} is defined to illustrate some provisions of nfoWorks URI-based Namespace names and specialized Identifiers.  This namespace URI is, by nfoWorks convention, resolvable to a web page, <>. 

1.2 The ns/example# namespace is provided to illustrate the ways that nfoWorks namespaces, local names, and other URI-based identifiers are defined using web-page locations. 

1.3 Although there are different forms of the URI that will resolve to the same page, the located web page defines only one specific form as the Namespace name.  Other forms are not defined to be Namespace names. 

1.4 Similarly, all local names and similar identifiers resolve to explicit locations on web pages.  That treatment is illustrated here with the local name {} myTerm.  The definition of this term is located at <>.  This is the only defined Local Name.

1.5 The definition for local name myTerm of the ns/example# namespace also establishes the concatenated form <> as an nfoWorks identifier.   That is by virtue of the definition.  It is not an automatic situation.

1.6 Note: technically, the definition for the ns/example# Local Name myTerm is at the specific location <>.  The abbreviated "official" URI takes advantage of how the web site delivers default pages for folders.  This provides abbreviated URIs and additional technical flexibility in how the web site is developed and operated.


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2. More Information

Hamilton, Dennis E.
ns/example# Example Namespace.   nfoWorks devNote folio d120401 0.03, October 29, 2012.  Accessed at <>.
Revision History:
0.03 2012-10-29-15:48 Streamline Presentation
Align with clarification at d120401c1.  Improve the treatment of what the chosen URI is rather than the absolutely-correct URI.  Provide link to the unrelated ns/example/myTerm also.
0.02 2012-07-14-12:13 Improve Treatment of Concatenations as Possible Identifiers
The case of there being an identifier for local name myTerm is expanded on.  Some wordings are improved and paragraph-level permalinks are provided.
0.01 2012-07-01-16:30 Complete Description
The description is completed and the material added to the web site.
0.00 2012-04-22-15:08 Establish Initial Placeholder for Material
Have just enough document engineering for the first nfoWorks ns/ page to be presented as part of the documentation of the definition of namespaces as part of nfoWorks.

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