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Provisional Namespace ns/odf/1.2/security#


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The nfoWorks namespace identifier {} is an identifier of OASIS ODF 1.2 extensions in security provisions of ODF 1.2 extended documents.  The terms defined under this namespace are for provisional use in ODF 1.2 documents.  It is anticipated that official counterparts become available as standard provisions in OASIS ODF 1.3.

The provisional use of the terms under this namespace allows for migration to standard provisions and reserved identifiers once they are adopted.  Use of these provisions as ODF extensions can continue in the event that there is no directly-substitutable standard provision.

The primary description is always available at <ns/odf/1.2/security>.

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Hamilton, Dennis E.
Provisional Namespace ns/odf/1.2/security#.   nfoWorks devNote folio d110801 0.03, November 2, 2012.  Accessed at <>.
Revision History:
0.03 2012-11-02-16:12 Establish the Area of Impact
The text is adjusted in expectation of provisional usage.  Introduction of local names and details will arrive once the reservation of enhancements to the standard is clarified.
0.02 2012-04-13-13:15 Prepare as ns/odf/1.2/security# Working Draft
The namespace identifier is revised to reflect it being a provision extension for ODF 1.2 and placeholder for a potential ODF 1.3 addition.
0.01 2011-10-01-19:17 Change Title
The title is changed from Namespace to Provisional Namespace and the words are rearranged
0.00 2011-08-18-11:45 Establish Initial Placeholder for Material
Have just enough document engineering for the nfoWorks ns/odf/1.3/security.htm page to be presented as part of the namespace definitions tree.

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