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in progress 2014-06-10 move any notes about ODF 1.2 Conformance to n150601a, n140602a. n000000, n140501a, n140502a, n140503a, n140504a
  2014-05-04 MCE in ODF needs to be a consideration.  Can MCE be applied and what is its form?  How should the defaults change?  What is the interaction with the ODF 1.2 rules.  (We have to assume the ODF 1.0/1.1 rules are behind us, although there might be some consideration as a nice-to-have, but not a requirement.)  It might not be possible to be indifferent to the discard/keep/understand flag discrepancy between ODF versions, because I think it has to be used.  
  2013-10-04 The recent concerns about security and protocols means that there needs to be less monoculture in the tools that I build.  The core set, and the reliance on NIST-supported specifications is important, but it may be necessary to have alternatives, such as Skein, TwoFish, Ghost, etc.  This needs to be worked through the model.  There is also going to be more complexity in the choice of identifiers.  Replicate this down the chain of various security utility functions and their derivation and development.
  2013-05-26 There needs to be a binary-file manipulation utility that allows extraction of specific bytes and creation of derived files in tool chains for forensic and testing purposes.  An example is extracting Zip data blocks to be used in verifying CRC32 check values, decompression algorithms, etc., as part of interoperability work.
  2013-05-20 The stream model must include holding (dragging) of access from front and back.  This is for backtracking cases, which are needed in verified access.  Also, this can figure in handling dirty bits, etc., copy on write and other special cases.
  2013-05-20 There needs to be a cataloging of compression algorithms, with verification and recovery techniques.  This is part of the build-up
  2013-05-20 There needs to be definition of CRC-algorithms, with verification and repair techniques.  This also needs abstractions atop stream abstractions, especially for repair issues.  There are interesting examples in the repair of streams extracted from Zip files, for example.  [dh:2013-05-26 The Schwaderer treatment and its discussion of reversal (#70.64) needs to be reconciled with other comprehensive treatments of CRC algorithms and a scheme for creating the interesting cases needs to be developed.  The use of the CRC to correct damage in short files needs to be explored as well.]
  2013-05-20 There needs to be definition of abstractions and hooks to development for basic file streams.  This is at the binary level.  This abstraction can be appealed to in other specifications. 
  2013-03-11 Back in 2004, there are far more work items in nfoWare than the ones also replicated here. is worth reviewing from time to time.
  2012-12-28 I need to finally create the site logo and then reflect that in a new welcome page
  2012-10-31 Make a Note on ODF extensions (supplemental features), provisional extensions (reserved features), and implementation-defined features.  This is relied upon at d120402.
  2012-09-30 Make a Note on the Interoperable structure of ODF 1.2 Packages.  This can be the basis for the nfoLocker package but, moreso, for ODF 1.2 Packages, txtx, rtfx, etc.  This can include profiling of the Zip itself, but I think that is a more-detailed description independent of the ODF 1.2 Package usage. [dh:2012-11-10 The work in OPC and WG1 on Zip profiling that is consistent with Part URIs is also valuable.][dh:2013-04-17 This will depend on n130401: Document Container Profile also.]
  2012-08-18 There needs to be a project for the annotation of ODF 1.2.  [dh:2012-11-15 This is for having a web version that can be federated with annotations and implementer notes while keeping the specification itself intact.][dh:2014-05-08 The Schema Reference is a start.  Whether it branches into any kind of ODF 1.2 annotation is anybody's guess.]
  2012-08-18 Graphic models are also an important issue, especially around interoperability and reliable scaled/transformed presentation.  [dh:2012-09-10 Here I mean graphic models such as those in PS, PDF, InterPress, WMF, DrawingXML, SVG, etc.]
  2012-06-24 The modeling of packages as needed for nfoLocker and generally for ODF 1.2 packages needs to be brought into here and into OIC Advisories. [dh:2013-04-18 n130401 is an interdependency here also.]
  2012-06-24 Revise to align protection with proposal 1.05.  In addition, make folios on the use of AUTHZ160 and SHA1DK and SHA1DKX, especially with regard to the iteration-count function.  Keep synchronized with OFFICE-3703 and the OIC Advisory #00009. [dh:2012-07-04 It appears that there will need to be a 1.06]
  2012-05-03 Bring more materials from notebooks to here for incorporation in notes and other materials.
in progress 2012-05-03 n120501: Create as initial nfoLocker concept document.  Provide high-level requirements and indicate additional considerations to be addressed.
  2010-04-11 Deal with abstractions and the definition of OpenFormula operations and functions
  2010-04-11 Make a page that describes the plumbing levels, and deals with octet streams, XML streams, and Zip packages
  2010-04-11 Make an OpenFormula NumCheck folio
  2008-05-06 n080501: Make a folio on ODF verification and conformance assessment.
  2008-05-06 n080501: Make a folio on ODF resources because some are showing up in clippings and will need to be drawn over from the diary.
  2008-04-17 A harmonization markup of ODF would be yet another document.  I wonder how that is permitted to be adapted.  Check the notice in the documents.
  2008-04-17 n080404: Make folio for International Standard IS 26300, OpenDocument [dh:2008-04-17 These serve as models for what will be done for OOXML and other relevant specifications, with their caching.]
  2008-04-17 n080402: Make folio for the OASIS OpenDocument TC
  2008-03-31 I need to get from Bootstrap Stage to Hard Hat Stage [dh:2008-04-16 We are in Hard Hat Beginnings now and I think I will leave it like that until the end of April when I am ready to flip a switch and have more interesting notes.  One problem is going to be bringing related sites up to speed with nfoWorks.]
  2008-03-31 Act on the 2008-03-30 #60.113 notes and start building genuine content.[dh:2014-05-04 This is about package specifications.  I need to add the EPUB case.]
  2008-03-14 I need some sort of Envisioning or Approach folio that accounts for where we are and what the overall game is.  I am not sure how exactly I want that and I  may draft something to see how it actually works. [dh:2008-04-16 The "About nfoWorks page provides some of that, but not very specifically.  Hold this thought.]
  2008-03-13 Create a folio that has the open-source license we intent to use.  This will be a professional appearance document-engineering deal too.  [dh:2014-05-04 I think this is going to be Apache License 2.0 and Creative Commons Attribution International 4.0]
  2008-03-13 Create a folio that has the Creative Commons information and license information that we operate under
  2008-03-11 Start working back through paper notebooks where there are topics and notes and links that could move to notes here.
  2008-03-11 Move notes to some easier backlog place and remove the clutter from this job jar.
  2005-12-28 I've started using the term "document engineering" and it refers to some of these folio structures and conventions that I have been evolving in the time since this particular job jar was begun.  The best example is at right now, where I finally created a bridge between professional-appearance forms and the document-engineering forms.  I really like that, whatever structures might be used for them.  These are going to show up as TROSTing patterns, because it is about that, although nfoWare's commitment to confirmable experience is about that too.  But I think TROSTing is the central place to deal with that, even though I can carry pattlets here too. [dh:2013-03-11 Those are practiced on nfoWorks and this nfoWare item is kept open for ultimate reflection on TROST.]
  2005-12-26 Notebook #49.35-36 have some observations and thoughts about document processing and its topics, the need for long-lived documents and how preservation is to be achieved, etc. [dh:2013-03-11 This may now be more appropriate here than on nfoWare.  Perhaps there is simply a difference in the level of rigor and depth here compared to nfoWare (which can always refer here anyhow).]
  2004-03-13 I want to honor what Doug Englebart means by Bootstrapping too and reflect that and acknowledge the connection with that way of thinking.  I notice two things right off: the journey does not resemble the result, and the result may not be in the artifact as much as who we are being in the matter of augmentation and how that is expressed in the artifact.   I am also mindful of Kierkegaard's door and Wittgenstein's ladder.  [dh:2013-03-13 This is about collaborative systems and much more.  I can see nfoWorks as a place that is referenced from nfoWare, which has a more survey-like treatment.  On the other hand, the whole effort might be in a third place.  Considering something akin to federated wiki and personal clouds, it might be in nfoWare after all.].
  2004-02-01 It occurred to me that this business about media recording-life is related to software engineering principles, and also ISO 9000 ones with regard to risk management and preserving an account of the basis for decisions, not just what the decision is, and the assumptions about operational conditions that should then be verified regularly.  There is something here about accountability and trust and managing risk.  I don't know where more should be said about this, but someplace.  Data and Accountability and the like [dh:2013-03-13 This is also an nfoWare topic.  Tools for recovery would probably be under nfoWorks though.]
  2004-02-01 I am wondering about risk management (reading CACM 47, 2 (February 2004), 61-65) around media for data.  It would seem that, at the beginning of a project, one needs to record data on the intended media very early and use this as an early warning condition on the deterioration of recorded media that is created when a system is in production.  Then there are lots of conditions to keep data on (including tracking batches of new media, etc.).  And finding out what vendors do to establish the retention life of their media, etc .[dh:2013-03-13 This, again, is soft for nfoWare, perhaps harder here, and not absent from TROST as well.]
  2004-01-16 Bill Anderson and I are running into more problems about coherence and the failure of email clients, for example, to have specified, confirmable behavior.  A lot of what goes on is kept transparent and it just works, and when it doesn't work the breakdown and the degree of inscrutability are pronounced.  It occurs to me that there are aspects of trust, confirmable experience, coherence, and toolcraft all wrapped up in this.  And software engineering.  I am not sure how to get this all handled.  It would seem that the first thing to do is even be able to describe the situation, and then look for appropriate tools [2013-03-11 This is definitely a TROST item, with its reflection in nfoWorks designs and also at a straightforward level in nfoWare.]
  2004-01-10 Oh my, accessibility for nfoWare/nfoWorks.  Now there's a serious spiral.  I really don't care about WAP and PDAs and such, but accessibility is an issue.  And, where does the first spiral fit? [dh:2008-03-11 Applies to nfoWare too.][dh:2013-03-11 here and in TROST also]
  2004-01-10 Bring back the Jack Dennis material on reproducibility as one of the inspirations of confirmable experience.  This is a big deal. [2004-02-19: It is Earl Van Horn, not Jack.  I should definitely do this, too.][dh:2013-03-11 This also figures in TROST and at different levels between here, nfoWare, and Professor von Clueless]
  2004-01-10 I keep wanting to bring back the Jack Dennis work on references in virtual processes, and what I thought I had accomplished with it.  It may need to be used to make mirrored-referencing work properly with different locations of the material. [dh:2013-03-11 I do mean Jack Dennis here.  This is about context switching and, now, later ideas I have about state assertion schemes.  This is not nfoWare.  It is also Professor von Clueless.]
  2004-01-10 With regard to cross-references and such, there is also the interesting challenge about using a (potentially-dated) mirror and needing to have some way to link to the genuine image of the material.  I can get some of this from the ODMA site where I worked on this a little.  This needs to be spiraled too.  There is something to be done with the identification of link types and also having this work on/from a mirror. [dh:2013-03-11 This is about indirection and a way to construct a scheme for redirecting to find the right place for things without monkeying with the references themselves.]
  2004-01-10 The style guide for nfoWare/nfoWorks needs to point out that nfoWare/nfoWorks is always shown in bold italics.  This is a hint to create a style guide here.  [dh:2008-03-11 Applies to nfoWorks too.]
  2004-01-09 There is something to be said for being able to do it by hand and then to automate.  Most of what we have on nfoWorks is presently "manual" (with the help of web servers, FTP, FrontPage 2003, and a bunch more invisible technology under that).  That is to say, the content is mostly developed by hand, except for some use of special FrontPage extensions for inclusion of material.  But nothing very active is happening with these pages (er, well, except that it all works with browsers).  That is, there is no scripting and no content processing/generation on the server, and most of the text is here because someone typed every word of it at a keyboard and it is included explicitly in the HTML that carries the content.  Sheesh [dh:2008-03-11 still a problem after all these years.] [dh:2013-03-11 This is something to illustrate in nfoWare, but also TROST.].
  2004-01-09 Why nfoWorks? Lest I forget, how was the name chosen, what was the original idea for the domain, and then what happened that caused this to be expanded?  Also, include something on nfoWorks as artifacts: documents, articles, books, as well as software.  There might be physical artifacts of a different kind as well, so one might speculate on that as a thought problem. [dh:2008-03-11 an nfoWare question that seems to apply to nfoWorks too.]
2017-05-06 Customize n170501 for Cryptographic Quality RNGs
2017-06-05 Customize n170601 for IronWorks and its 5Ps
done 2015-12-05 Repurpose n150601 for the ODF Interoperability Assessment Helix.  This is needed in order to tie-in the RCT work at the assessment level.
done 2015-06-07 Stitch 2015/ into notes/ Construction Structure
done 2015-06-07 2015/06/n150601: Create Construction Structure for n150601, its cache, and its secluded content
2014-05-04 The diagram and explanatory text for the levels of compliance in ODF 1.2 need to be dusted off and posted as a folio.  This is related to treatment of extensions, possible transposition of MCE, and proposals around ODF 1.2 extensions. [dh:2014-06-10 This will be n140602 once I can figure out a proper title.]
done 2014-07-10 n140701: Create placeholder for Blue Sky Office and document engineering of the home page.
2014-06-10 distinguish n140501 RCT from n130301 SCT and make the distinction more clear in both directions.
done 2014-06-25 Connect to rct/ from the home page
done 2014-06-10 Add related-material references to n140602 in n140501, n140502, n140503, and n140504
done 2014-06-10 Correct the footer of the catalog so that the revision history is not centered.  [1st attempt.  We'll see.]
done 2014-06-10 n130301: Simplify SCT title to "SCT: Savage Change-Tracking."
done 2014-06-10 n140602: Conformant ODF 1.2 Documents - get this going
2014-05-08 cross-link among n140501, n140502, n140503, and n140504 as related material now that this set is established.
done 2014-06-05 Insert new bit-blaze thumb icon in all professional appearance documents: n080401d1, n10401c1, n140601d1, leaveing some ancient material with its Bootstrap/Hard-Hat Staging
2014-06-04 Replace nfoworks.htm by a revised n080401 page (d1 probably).
done 2014-06-04 Create harmony.htm on the front porch for inclusion of n150601b1.htm.  This will be an update of n080401c1
done 2014-06-04 Create n140601 on the Harmony Initiative taking over the Harmony aspect of About nfoWorks
done 2014-05-08 n140504: Create ODF 1.2 Schema Reference folio for establishment of annotated schemas.  This should be as deep as I need to get to have a foundation for development of RCT (n140501).
2014-05-05 n140503: This looks like ODF 1.2 Schema analysis for messing with the schema and confirming bits, starting with the change-tracking material.
done 2014-05-05 n140502: Create "Why WYSIWYG Change-Tracking Is Hard" or something that ties it to considerations in document-format specifications/standards.  This is referenced from n130301 (Savage Change Tracking) and n140501 (RCT for ODF).  There can be compilations of the details for ODF 1.2 and also OOXML. [dh:2014-05-05 This is "ODF 1.2 Change-Tracking Complexity and is more careful analysis.]
done 2014-05-04 n140501: Move work items provisionally-captured here to n140501a when it is available.
to n130601 2013-06-09 The data model used for the levels of Zip profiling require a means to express specializations and limitations of the layers on which a dependent profile relies.  It may be appropriate to use some form of UML restriction model for this.  I need a prefix for the abstract level.  Maybe "x"?  "v"? alpha? See what mining in OPC suggests.
to n130601
2013-05-26 For abstracting Zip I may need a separate treatment than for DCF.  That's in order to account for the representation of DCF in Zip by appeal to a Zip abstraction, perhaps reconciled with OPC, but able to be used for at least verifying Zip files even if proprietary features cannot be worked with.  The components can at least be identified and the package structure confirmed without using proprietary features.
done 2013-06-09 Create construction structure for 2013/06 and setup placeholder 2013/06/n130601 for Abstract Zip Profile that reflects all APPNOTE-specified cases but does not do anything but recognize proprietary parts. 
2013-04-17 n130401: reflect 2012-09-30, 2012-06-24 on packaging and Zip also.
done 2013-04-17 Start n130401 on Document Container Zip profiles, test assertions, and resilient implementation/verification.  Add to the catalog
to d130301
2012-08-18 Confirm that the VS 2012 Express for Windows 8 VC++ compiler still compiles to x64 as well as x86 (and Windows RT), with appropriate recognition of limitations for Windows RT.
to d130301
2012-08-18 Create a structure for platform independence based on ability to map to WinRT and build with any free C++ compiler including the VS 2012 Express Edition VC++ compiler. 
to n130301 2013-03-16 Consider Jailbreaking my OASIS and my W3C contributions, and relate to that with respect to SCT
to n130301 2013-03-16 Review the ODF TC for related SCT work, and the ODF specifications as well, treat as resources
to n130301 2013-03-16 Review diary for SCT-related materials, the Operational Change work, etc.
to n130301 2013-03-16 Consolidate other work items related to Change-Tracking in the SCT Groundwork work items.
done 2013-03-16 Create n130301 on SCT Ground Work.
done 2013-03-11 Review the older work items here and prune those that can be handled entirely at nfoWare.  Confirmable Experience as a practiced pattern might better  be handled at TROST though.  In that case, the existing items stay where they are until I work a refactoring for that.
2004-02-15 An interesting document-processing project is to carry versions and difference files of the IETF RFC catalog.  And then to have a tool that scrapes the index.txt files into a database view, with changes and additions searchable and reviewable.  This should provide ways to make quick links to replacement RFCs, etc., and also to go get the RFC.  This makes a nice little information-processing tool and demonstration of a number of Situating Data principles.  Something about Information Architecture too [dh:2013-03-13 This is definitely an nfoWare sort of worked example.].
not done
2004-02-13 Make a FrontPage template for the notes pages that I will be creating here. [dh:2013-03-11 I am not sure what this is about.  For nfoWorks I am using standard boiler-plate and document-engineering patterns.  Perhaps this was a brain fart for nfoWare.].
2013-03-09 Make a note on the creation of license grants with regards to project contributions that are automatically granted to all other parties, independent on the conditions of the project contributed to.  [dh:2013-03-12 This was done at dev/2013/03/d130302]
2013-01-28 Older browsers fail with URLs ending in form directory/#fragment, attempting to fetch the directory as some unknown document type.  I will have to use directory/default.htm#fragment, etc., in links to such material.  Correction in n130301 references to document caches.  Setup the same for n080403 and n080301.  There may be usages in dev/ and ns/ that need to be handled.  A general policy is required.  [dh:2013-02-25 Review completed and no incorrect references were noted.  What's strange is that sometime fragments on directory URLs work, but I may have been using a browser that is too new.  This impacts how nfoWorks namespace URLs work.  I will check those, again, separately.
done 2013-01-28 The cache of .mht files has problems with IE10.  IE8 recognizes MHTML, but IE10 apparently does not from the Internet, although it does so locally.  IE10 rendered the MHTML as text until I set the MIME type of multipart/related for .mht files on the server.  Then IE8 still renders them, but IE10 downloads them.  The download will be rendered if then opened.  This is apparently all about a cross-site scripting problem.
done 2012-12-30 Make a folio on the NIST Cryptographic Security standards and the supporting information on validations, etc.
2012-05-11 Clean up fragment identifiers and titles in all of the notes subsections: 2012/05, 2010/04, 2008/04, 2008/03/n080301, 2008/02/n080201 pushing the resolution down into the individual folios
2012-06-24 Figure out the relationship between dev and notes with regard to passwords, protection keys, and the AUTHZ160 and SHA1DK[x] methods.  [dh:2012-08-20 The conceptual specifications will be here in the Notes, with connections to patterns and implementation cases.  Implementations can include in ODF but also in the nfoWorks protection-key enhancement extensions to ODF 1.2.
2012-08-27 Create n120802 for SHA1DKx in the same manner as n120801 on authz160.
done 2012-08-20 n120801: authz160 Password-Independent Authenticator.  Initiate that for the conceptual definition, with implementations and patterns to be connections.
done 2010-04-11 n100401: Make a folio on Attribution, especially for the blog pages
2008-04-17 n080403: Make folio for the OASIS OpenDocument Specifications, with cached specifications (downloadable if permitted by the notice in the documents)
done 2008-04-17 n000001: Add placeholders for n080402, n080403, and n080404
2008-03-14 Create an "About nfoWorks" folio describing what nfoWorks is, as well as I can at the moment.  [dh:2008-04-16 This is done and the about page has had all of its [tbd] items completed enough for now.]
2008-03-13 Make 2008/03/n080301 the nfoDiary folio.  This could be a full-up document-engineering thingy at some point.  But not today.  [Actually, I did make it a full-up document-engineering thingy.]
done 2008-03-11

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done 2008-03-11 Include old (earlier dated) notes from nfoWare to be reviewed for application to nfoWorks too.  [dh:2008-03-11 See the preceding notes from years gone by.]
done 2008-03-11 Customize from nfoWare notes/ to make first of nfoWorks notes/ diary and job jar.
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