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 BSO: Blue Sky Office FTW Edition
Diary & Job Jar


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done 2014-07-10

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2008-02-18 styles for Site Bootstrapping.  Check those pages for additional details of the approach and the styles. 
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  2014-07-10 Blue Sky Office needs its own icon.  This icon will appear in faux screen captures and other ways that Blue Sky Office is presented. [dh:2014-10-24 The nfoWorks icon could be used provisionally.  Although some sort of sun emerging from the clouds sort of thing would be interesting too.]
in progress 2014-07-10 n140701c/c1: Make initial top-level BSO default page that simply accounts for initial setup and where work will be unfolding.
done 2014-10-24 n140701[c1?]: Line up better with the way this is spoken of in the Revised DChanges Anti-Pattern paper.
done 2014-10-24 n140701c1: Include the fixes from Bill Anderson email of 2014-10-19
done 2014-10-24 n140701c: Get the fonts of URLs to match up properly in the version progression block.
done 2014-07-11 n140701c/c1: Include BSO = Bright Shiny Object.
done 2014-07-11 Expand on the application of BSO for RCT and potential further uses of BSO.
done 2014-07-11 n140701c1: Correct the Construction Structure link to be to bso/index.htm, not rct/index.htm.
done 2014-07-11 n140701c1: Add links to the sections 1.2 referenced in the text.
done 2014-07-11 n140701c1: Remove comma in "user of the software might see,"
done 2014-07-11 n140701c1: Remove stray indentation in the last paragraph
2014-07-10 Capture #72.58 notes on BSO in the explanation here.
done 2014-07-10 n140701c1: Correct glitches in font color and some text.
done 2014-07-10 n140701c1: Provide a brief abstract
done 2014-07-10 Make placeholders for n140701, n140701b/b1, and n140701c/c1 too
done 2014-07-10 n140701c1: The desired format is akin to n140603c1 for RCT
done 2014-07-10 Give bso/ a Construction Zone, even though we're not certain how much it will be used.
done 2014-07-10

Create this page ready for recording Diary & Job Jar items of this nfoNote.

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Introduce an initial placeholder that serve as a target of links and provides a diary & job jar that can be employed immediately.

Construction Structure (Hard Hat Area)
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