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ODF 1.2 Conformance


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The conformance of OpenDocument Format document files is multi-dimensional.  Understanding the intersecting constraints that apply to the different format cases and their conformance conditions is presented in a conformance matrix by which the different categories can be appraised visually.

The document-file conformance matrix is only for the recorded documents, not anything to do with the categories of processors that accept and produce them.  Processing of document files and higher-level activities, such as arrangements for collaborative interchange of document files, all hinge on having conformance of the document format at their foundation.   These are important to the context of ODF 1.2 Conformance even though they extend beyond matters of strict document-file conformance.

1. Context

In the OASIS ODF 1.2 specification, "conformance clauses" are employed for both conformance and compliance cases.  Here, those and several additional categories of specification are supported, although specified separately.  These categories depend upon the conformance statements and conformance assessments for their additional layering.

2. Assessment Provisions

Each category has specifications and means for testing adherence, detecting deviations, and supporting trouble-shooting, forensic analysis, and maintenance.

3. Approach

An ODF 1.2 Conformance Matrix provides links for progressive disclosure of details that apply in each grid element and its intersecting categories.  The conformance and compliance aspects are keyed to the relevant passages of the ODF 1.2 specification.  Additional guidance with regard to application profiling and interoperability scenarios and structuring of implementation profiles is entirely supplemental and will be cross-referenced from separate materials..

The Conformance Matrix and its links to supporting materials constitute the ODF 1.2 Conformance Analysis.

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