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  2014-11-14 n140504-cache: Take advantage of the n080402 folio, or have it take advantage of this folio (probably best).
  2014-06-09 n140504-cache: Provide and integrate detached signatures for the manifest-annotation files
  2014-06-09 n140504-cache: Set http rules so that PRN is served as text.
  2014-06-09 n140504g: Add table of contents that ties the baseline annotated document schema to topics in ODF 1.2 Part 1.  (some Part 2?)
  2014-06-09 n140504e: Add table of contents that ties the baseline annotated manifest schema to topics in ODF 1.2 Part 3.
in progress
2014-05-18 n140504d: Document the provenance and present the baseline as an inclusion of some form.   Additional modifications of the baseline create additional version of this page and possibly link forward to further versions if there is some important break in the progressive refinement of annotation.
  2014-05-09 n140504b5 Digital Signature Schema may be needed at some point.  It is relevant to some analysis, but the details are not important at the moment.
in progress
2014-05-08 Capture the schema files with .txt additions to their extensions.  There also need to be signed versions, I think, with appropriate armor.  Then there is the web version.  Ideally this will have a <pre> type of layout and can be line-numbered.   There are 3 schemas: OpenDocument v1.2 Relax NG Schema, OpenDocument v1.2 Manifest Schema, and OpenDocument v1.2 Digital Signature Schema.  There are also two OWL ontology files: OpenDocument v1.2 Metadata Manifest Ontology and OpenDocument v1.2 Package Metadata Manifest Ontology.
  2014-05-08 We want to get as far as we can without having an annotated version of the specification.  This project will watch for cases where there might be some sort of piece-meal creation of specification excerpts.   It is not clear what kind of organization facilitates that, although some method that publishes static pages seems preferable.
  2014-05-08 Decide whether or not there needs to be sequestered material to support the material that is developed here.
  2014-05-08 It may be important to confirm whether or not the same schema holds for ODF 1.0/1.1, or whether there are changes.  There are probably changes in the text, if not the schema.  Any schema differences can be highlighted in some manner.  This is not so much about literal differences among the schemas, but about material differences in the resulting grammar.
  2014-05-08 Check the "diary" (Blog and its predecessor) here too.
  2014-05-08 See if I can get ODF JIRA materials that I had posted in the past.
  2014-05-08 Dig through my ODF WHS materials to see what should be captured here or can be used here.
  2014-05-08 Start bringing over notes from notebooks, starting backwards from #72.
done 2014-11-14 n140504-cache: Fix it so permalinks are just that for references and the cached value is obtained by a cache link.
2014-06-09 n140504-cache/default: It is "detached signature" not "external signature."  Repair.
2014-06-09 n140504-cache: Integrate the files and detached signatures fo n140504f1, n140504f2, n140504f3, n140504f4, n140504f5, n140504f6, and n140504f7
2014-06-09 n140504-cache: Add the progression of intermediate documents used in preparation of n140504g1.
2014-06-07 n140504-cache: Add Document Schema replication materials.  Provide digital signatures for all portions.
done 2014-06-09 Annotate the detached signatures for n140504f2, n140504f4, n140504f5, n140504f6, and n140504f7
done 2014-06-09 Create detached signatures for n140504f2, n140504f4, n140504f5, n140504f6, and n140504f7.
done 2014-06-09 n140504e: Repair the <dl> bug that keeps the bottom <hr> and <table> block indented.
2014-06-07 n140504e: Make revision history 0.03/0.04 notes small font the same as the others.
2014-06-07 n140504g1 0.03 Offline, perform the digital signing of the file.
2014-06-07 n140504g1 0.03: Offline, annotate the <name> and <value> element cases that provide name choices ahead of a reference to the value type.
2014-06-06 n140504g1 0.01: Review for accuracy and determine any blemishes that need to be repaired.
done 2014-06-07 n140504g1 0.02: Before uploading, make the annotation links for all of the data types.
done 2014-06-07 n140504g1 0.02: Add the additional text about provenance and authentication already done in 2140504e1.  Then take this version, downloaded from the site, to desktop for further modifications.
2014-05-18 n140504d/e/d1/e1: The "masters" should all be digitally-signed with ASCII armor, using HTML comments to embrace the signature markers and the signature block.
done 2014-06-07 n140504e/g: Include the stand-alone annotated file separate from the document-engineering document in the version progression.
2014-06-06 n140504e1 0.04 Confirm that the file still verifies after a Recalculate Hyperlinks.  If not, restore it without the embedded dsig.  We may then have to resort to signing text versions because even external signatures of the HTML would be defeated.  [dh:2014-06-07 The n140504d.htm and n140505d1.htm verify so long as they are saved directly and not as opened in a browser page.]
done 2014-06-06 n140504d1/e1: Confirm that the webbot inclusions of pages do not break the signatures.  This means even the d/e page inclusions will also verify so long as the inclusions aren't monkeyed with and there is no more signing.
done 2014-06-06 n140506f/g: Create latest and first placeholders for the annotated full ODF schema.
2014-05-25 n140504e1: Embed a digital signature around the body of the document.  Do this to see if Recalculate Hyperlinks damages signatures or not.
done 2014-05-31 n140504-cache: Add an annotated detached signature for the main ODF 1.2 schema, with correction and updates of the annotation included in the manifest schema detached signature file.
done 2014-05-29 n140504c: Change name to "Initial Organization" for the reference material.
done 2014-05-29 n140504-cache: Add external OpenPGP signature for the cached ODF 1.2 manifest-schema file.  Add explanation of ASC extensions and also incorporate an explanation in the signature file.
done 2014-05-26 n140504d/e Clone d to e, d1 to e1, and set up a version progression
done 2014-05-26 n140504d1 0.02: Provide permalinks at all bookmarks and provide more emphasis of element/attribute namings to aid visual scanning of the schema.
done 2014-05-25 n140504e: Trouble-shoot to confirm the double inclusion works.
done 2014-05-25 n140504d/d1 0.01: Complete the annotation of the ordinary HTML schema replica.  Apart from any stabilization that comes to light, this is complete, absent digital signing.
done 2014-05-25 n140504d: The ordinary HTML schema annotation for the manifest schema is introduced.
2014-05-11 n140504d: Provide at least the baseline plaintext replica of the manifest schema.   It might have a <pre> inclusion.  [dh:2014-05-25 I went for the ordinary HTML version.]
2014-05-18 n140504d: Capture the additional files for the HTML-prep and the two baseline HTML replicas.,
2014-05-08 Bring over relevant notes from n000000. [dh:2014-05-11 There were none]
done 2014-05-11 Link n140504 to d140502 Annotating XML Documents
done 2014-05-11 Add n140504d2-OpenDocument-v1.2-os-manifest-schema.rng.prn.xsls to n140504-cache.
done 2014-05-11 Add n140504d1-OpenDocument-v1.2-os-manifest-schema.rng.prn.txt to n140504-cache.
2014-05-08 Find a way to line-number the schema.  That way, if there is any removal of material not relevant to text documents, the line numbering is preserved.  There becomes an interesting question of where the full such schema might be retained as well.  I want to be able to place anchors on the lines and also for cross-referencing around the schema.
done 2014-05-09 Provide the location of the ODF TC page and of the Index of office/v1.2/os as two references.
done 2014-05-09 Capture the part1 schema as n140504b4.  This is the next one to work with based on n140504b3 successes/failures
done 2014-05-09 Capture the package manifest schema as n140504b3.  This is the one to practice with.
done 2014-05-09 Capture the as n140504b2.  Refer to it as part of the main and also where it is found directly.
done 2014-05-09 Capture the entire ODF 1.2 Zip package as n140504b1.   Refer to it as the overall source and cite the download location.
done 2014-05-08 Setup n140504-cache for resource and historical material on this activity
done 2014-05-08 Make placeholders for n140504, n140504a, n140504b, and n140504c
done 2014-05-08 Add to the catalog
done 2014-05-08 Publish material to the hosted site
done 2014-05-08

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