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ODF 1.2 Text-Document Schema Analysis

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  2014-07-08 Although this may come out of the conformance case, there are also "web" template documents for which ODF 1.2 is silent, although the extension and MIME type are reserved.  I must verify there are no others.
  2014-07-08 n140503: Need to cover the ways the text documents can occur: standalone, package, subdocuments in packages (possibly 3 flavors), master documents, components of master documents, as OLE components and as database-document components (for forms and reports, it would appear).  I don't know what there is on behalf of mailmerge applications and wonder what that could possibly have to do with change-tracking.  This is a cross-over with the conformance cases at n140602.
  2014-06-10 The connection of tables and Part 2 are going to be interesting, since it is all off of certain attribute values plus more properties of tables.
  2014-06-09 Some overall organization and the different places text documents show up need to be identified: The package, single XML document, and also embedded documents need to be accounted for.  Some of this can be in the treatment of ODF 1.2 conformance. [dh:2014-07-06 Beyond that, there are also the Master Document and Web (Template) documents that involve text documents.  Then there are the places text documents can appear what can appear in text documents.
  2014-06-09 Find a way to make navigational data-model depictions of text structure.  These should have links or hot spots.  Explore Visio usage for this purpose.  Link to the TROST explanation of the diagrammatic notation.
  2014-06-09 The document-format anti-pattern is also a TROST consideration and there can be linkage from mention here to a treatment there.
  2014-06-09 This analysis needs to account for the document-format anti-pattern. 
  2014-05-07 It may be important to confirm whether or not the same schema holds for ODF 1.0/1.1, or whether there are changes.  There are probably changes in the text, if not the schema.
  2014-05-05 Check the "diary" here too.
  2014-05-06 See if I can get ODF JIRA materials that I had posted in the past.  [dh:2014-07-06 The ones related to change-tracking are captured in n140502.  There may be others about other aspects of text documents and, of course, packages.  These will go in various places.]
  2014-05-06 Dig through my ODF WHS materials to see what should be captured here or can be used here.
  2014-05-06 Start bringing over notes from notebooks, starting backwards from #71.
done 2014-06-10 n140503: Add link to n140602 on Conformant ODF 1.2 Documents
done 2014-06-10 n140503: Add link to n140504
2014-05-07 Find a way to line-number the schema.  That way, if there is any removal of material not relevant to text documents, the line numbering is preserved.  There becomes an interesting question of where the full such schema might be retained as well.  I want to be able to place anchors on the lines and also for cross-referencing around the schema. [dh:2014-06-09 This is accomplished for the n140504g/g1 document schema.  If there are to be outgoing links from the schema reference to materials here and elsewhere, that will be with derivatives of n140504g/g1.]
2014-05-06 Bring over relevant notes from n000000.  [dh:2014-05-07 There were none.]
2014-05-06 Setup n140503-cache for resource and historical material on this activity
2014-05-06 Make placeholders for n140503, n140503a, n140503b, and n140503c
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