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NIST Cryptography Resources


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The United States National Institute of Science and Technology (NIST) has responsibility for issuing Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS Publications) and other support for Information Technology.  The Computer Security Division provides resources and services related to Cryptographic Technology and the assurance and testing of cryptographic modules and algorithms.

NIST cryptographic resources are relied upon by international standards and specialized specifications, such as those for XML Encryption.  They are also employed in the development of cryptographic procedures employed in nfoWorks document-security analysis, implementations, and forensic tools.

This folio compiles available NIST resources having application in development of nfoWorks deliverables.

  1. Essential NIST Computer Security Resources
  2. nfoWorks Usage of NIST Resources
  3. Folio Catalog

1. Essential NIST Computer Security Resources

The following resources are the backbone of the cryptography-related computer security resources from NIST.  These pages are the routes to detailed NIST materials relied upon for cryptographic developments under nfoWorks:

2. nfoWorks Usage of NIST Resources

This section will be expanded as chunks of NIST resources are applied to nfoWorks functions.

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3. Folio Catalog

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