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2008-04-01 and More-Recent Diary Entries
2008-03-31 Initial nfoWorks Activities
Early technical work, along with the ramp-up and desk-clearing activities, will consist of gathering together all of the definitive materials on the ODF and OOXML standards and the other standards they rely upon.  As mentioned in "Public Availability of Standards (cache)" I must capture all of the authoritative materials, provide information for others to obtain them, and also preserve any copies that I do not have permission to post or distribute.  I will begin with ODF and then fill in on OOXML. -- dh
2008-03-30 Ramping Up for nfoWorks
There are a number of other developments that must be advanced as part of preparations for focused development of nfoWorks content.
   1. The ODMA ODMJNI 1.0 project must be advanced to the 0.60 Public Beta release.  This will provide more uncommitted time to develop nfoWorks-related collateral items that also support the ODMA effort.
   2. General tools and utilities that are used for nfoWorks will be identified and supported on nfoWare (the other site), especially under the Toolcraft section.
   3. There are some elements of the TROST project that will be developed further and relied upon for nfoWorks and nfoWare.  These are not so immediate as (1-2).
   4. I intend to work at a leisurely pace without strong schedule commitments.  When coordinated effort becomes appropriate, particularly with the engagement of others on nfoWorks or allied projects, I will re-assess my approach. -- dh

2008-03-15 Tracking OOXML DIS 29500 into the Blue (cache)
Noticing how the post-BRM review of DIS 29500 is going iXKCD: Someone is Wrong on the Internetn the US National Body, I wondered whether we are going to see an accelerated maintenance effort either way.  I also notice an interesting strength of support for OOXML in the U.S. Federal Government establishment.  This post was off-purpose and I need to move closer in to immediate objectives, such as completing the nfoWorks bootstrap.  I fear this cartoon is about me (cache). -- dh
2008-03-14 nfoDiary Initiated
This diary is initiated as part of capturing the basic record of what is happening.   There are some additional tasks around caching of relevant material for preservation, but this is the basic form.  There are some technical challenges with regard to the permalinks in the dates.  They need to go to the permanent location of the diary entry and not to the page of recent diary entries.  These and other formalities will be dealt with. -- dh
2008-03-14 and Registered
The nfoWare site and activities are related to those for nfoWorks.  Fluency with common, freely-available development tools is the subject of nfoWare Toolcraft.  There is also intended to be development of simpler utilities and practices that are applicable for nfoWorks as well.  The additional domain names were available and were registered as a precaution and to have the same flexibility that the three nfoWorks domain names make available. -- dh
2008-03-12 Main Bootstrapping Completed
Although there are materials that still require customization of documentation in the construction/templates/ section of the site, it is now possible to begin accumulating new material that follows the format and organization requirements of the site from the beginning.  Attention is now on providing enough descriptive material for site visitors to avoid having to stumble around in the scaffolding and plumbing.  There are practices that could be streamlined and automated in order to remove tedium.  They are carried out manually for now as a way to have the appropriate accountability and auditability in place from the beginning. -- dh
2008-03-11 Keeping an Eye on OOXML Progress
There are some OOXML changes that may be approved in ISO/IEC DIS 29500 that may be useful in subsequent harmonization work.  Blog post "nfoWorks: The ISO/IEC Harmonization Opportunity (cache)" is lightly related to that, reflecting my optimism for future effort. -- dh 
2008-03-10 Watching the Document Interoperability Initiative
The Microsoft Document Interoperability Initiative has a core connection to what nfoWorks is intended to support.  Blog post "nfoWorks: In Search of Initiative (cache)" appraises the initial activity in the previous week.  Some more widely-open forum seems necessary, in the words of Bob Muglia, "to ensure that the documents that are created by users are fully exchangeable, regardless of the tools that they are using." -- dh
2008-03-08 On Giving Away nfoWorks
There is a promise made in the blog post, "On the Giving Away (cache)" that applies to nfoWorks.  I will hold myself to account for providing that here.  -- dh
2008-02-27 Intermediate Report
The blog post "nfoWorks: The Harmony Get-Ready (cache)" applauds the Document Interoperability Initiative mentioned as part of the Microsoft announcement of Interoperability Principles (cache), appraised in my post, "Interoperability by Design (cache)."  There is a little more on the envisioning of nfoWorks and steps taken at this point. -- dh
2008-02-19 SourceForge Project Application Rejected
The application for a SourceForge nfoWorks project was rejected (cache).  I had included a link rather than detailed description, so the description needs to be much more substantial.  I must revise the submission and make another request at some point where I am ready to provide greater detail and definiteness.  [Update 2008-03-14: the request is apparently held for 90 days, so I have some time to compose a re-application after working up more details for nfoWorks on the site.] -- dh
2008-02-16 Groundbreaking on site Bootstrap
A development version of the site is initialized with boilerplate to be converted during a boostrap.  The bare-bones material was inserted into the anchor site.  The add-on domain was targeted to those pages.  Domain operation was confirmed.  Bootstrapping effort focuses on obtaining a stable platform for the introduction of early notes and project information. -- dh
2008-02-15 Apply for SourceForge Project
Sometime late Friday or early Saturday, I realized that it would be good to grab a SourceForge account.  Microsoft had announced additional open-source work to make converters from the Office binary formats that are reflected in OOXML.  It seems like a good time to establish a tie-in effort for nfoWorks that can cooperate with the various SourceForge projects but maintain focus on the Harmony Principles and the difficulty of having some sort of interchange profiles that are easy to use. -- dh
2008-02-08 Registration of,, and
Three domain names are registered for use on behalf of nfoWorks activities.  The idea behind the triple is similar to other activities that involve open source and potential commercialization of open-source.  .org is for the general open-source development activity.  .net is for community related to nfoWorks and might involve forums and wikis.  .com is for any related commerce activity.  (The commercial aspect of sister domain has to do with there being a book and CD-ROM drawn from that effort at some point.  This may or may not have been a good idea.)  -- dh
2008-02-07 Welcome to nfoWorks: the Bootstrap Stage Initial Declaration of Harmony Principles
The blog post "ODF-OOXML: nfoWorks for Harmony?" (cache) provides the first proposal of the Harmony Principles, with nfoWorks as a vehicle for tools, guidance, and demonstration.  The immediate trigger was my analysis of hopefulness around the possible harmonization of ODF and OOXML, "OOXML-ODF: The Harmonization Hope Chest (cache)."  I had difficult gaining any visibility on activities that are offered up as the basis for understanding and progress toward harmonization.  It seemed like a good time to declare this activity, rather than keep mulling it over.  The work to follow was described as "getting ready to get ready." -- dh
Precursors to nfoWorks and Harmony
There are earlier influences and exchanges that led up to the articulation of the Harmony Principles and nfoWorks as a way to approach them with concrete tools, guidance, and demonstrations.

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