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The nfoWorks Diary


 0.03 2017-06-14 20:22 -0700

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Hamilton, Dennis E.
The nfoWorks Diary.   nfoWorks nfoNote folio n080301 0.03, April 22, 2008.  Available at <>.
Revision History:
0.03 2008-04-22-15:01 Add Document Cache
The document cache implemented for this folio is added to the list of available content
0.02 2008-04-02-14:30 Add Hard Hat Beginnings
The next diary page is started and some of the presentation and content is tidied up.
0.01 2008-03-14-14:58 Complete Initial Diary Availability
The initial diary is good enough for making visible on the site.  Further refinements can be accomplished at leisure.
0.00 2008-03-13-19:56 Establish Initial Placeholder for Material
Also start a job jar page for recording work items to follow in building more content.  Have just enough document engineering for the first nfoDiary page to be presented as part of the front porch.

Construction Structure (Hard Hat Area)

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