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 Annotating XML Documents

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  2014-06-07 d140502g: Provide information concerning provenance and authentication once stability of the embedded signatures is confirmed.  Use the manifest schema for this.
  2014-06-01 d140502f: Demonstrate further embellishments of HTML markup in making a basic annotation.  Use the document schema for this.
  2014-05-10 Consider description of the signing of the simple *.prn file afterwards.  This can be its own page.  [dh:2014-05-18 This might be handled on d140502c.][dh:2014-06-01I think d140502g on Provenance, auditability, etc., is appropriate.]
  2014-05-10 Capture material from notebook #71.99 and preceding pages
done 2014-06-07 d140502f/g: Create placeholder pages so that these can be referenced from other folios in describing techniques that are used.
done 2014-06-01 d140502d: Verify that Excel preserves leading-space indentations on import of the text file and clarify this and handling of spaces, tabs, and line breaks in the description.
2014-05-23 d140502e: In the description of customization and use of extracts, point out that the IDs in the anchors, and the fragment permalinks, may need to be renamed to prevent duplicate uses of the same name attribute value in the same HTML document.
done 2014-05-31 d140502d: Reflect the fact that tabs are involved in the illustrated schema and in the way that Excel imports the file as a result.
2014-05-28 d140502d: Put purple-numbered permalinks on this page, add TOC
done 2014-05-28 d140502e: Put purple-numbered permalinks on this page, add TOC
2014-05-18 d140502e: Complete the wrap-up section.
2014-05-18 d140502e: Add additional references to the documents used for the illustration once those are preserved in n140504.
done 2014-05-18 n140502e: Share it and all of the image files to the hosted-site mirror
done 2014-05-18 n140502: Link to n140502e if that is not already done.  [dh:2014-05-18 It was.]
done 2014-05-18 n140502e: Capture all of the images and explanation of the derivation of the two HTML forms.
done 2014-05-12 d140502e: Create placeholder for "Create HTML Placeholder"
done 2014-05-12 d140502e: Do the procedure without adding a end-of-line blocker and see if it can be added with the post-Excel editing process.  [dh:2014-05-12 I confirmed that jEdit will insert a <br> in front of every end-ofline using the regular expression search.  That runs with Replace All.
done 2014-05-12 d140502d: Emphasize that this can be done with scripts and small programs.  The manual approach is to demonstrate the specific techniques.
2014-05-10 d140502d: Create on using Microsoft Excel to produce a baseline plaintext of an XML document.
2014-05-10 d140502: On annotating XML documents (especially schemas).  Illustrate with ODF 1.2 Manifest Schema.
2014-05-10 Bring over some work items from d000000.
done 0.01 2014-05-11 n140502: Make clear that the stages are to have auditability, a way to confirm, and a way to repair any defects.
done 2014-05-10 Share to the hosted-site mirror
done 2014-05-10 Add to the catalog
done 2014-05-10 Make placeholders for d140502, d140502a, d140502b, and d140502c
done 2014-05-10

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