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  2013-03-09 d130302 When the blog post is up, add it to the More Information list
  2013-03-09 d130302c Piece in the drill about what one of these is, how it works, and what some of the diligence around such detached licenses can be
2013-03-09 d130302e Complete text for the LibreOffice Contributions Jailbreak
2013-03-09 d130302d Complete text for the ASF Contributions Jailbreak
done 2013-03-10 d130302d-e: Clean up bad centering and layout of Attribution and Revision History material.
done 2013-03-09 Keep the respective signed grant documents as d130302d.txt and d130302e.txt
done 2013-03-09 Make placeholders for d130302, d130302a, d130302b, and d130302c-e
done 2013-03-09

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done 2013-03-09

Create this page ready for recording Diary & Job Jar items of this devNote.

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Introduce an initial placeholder that serve as a target of links and provides a diary & job jar that can be employed immediately.

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