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  2017-06-17 n170601-assets/ Add to Construction Structure
  2014-06-09 On NuovoDoc contact information, add updated and additional digital certificates including the two PGP certificates, then sign the contact page.
2017-05-06 n170501-assets/ Add to Construction Structure
2017-06-05 Add notes/2017/06 Construction Structure
2017-05-06 Add notes/2017/05 Construction Structure
done 2014-08-21 Setup n140801 with proper structure
done 2014-08-21 Splice in 2014/08/ Construction Structure
done 2014-07-10 notes/2014/07/: Create Construction Structure and n140701 for introduction of BSO
done 2014-05-04 Create 2014/05/n140501 with accompanying Construction Structure
2013-02-24 On NuovoDoc, fix contact information for Skype, Twitter, and Fax.
2013-01-27 MHT files need to be served with an appropriate MIME Type.  Otherwise some browsers will render them as text when served over the Internet.   It makes them interesting to see, and renaming one with a .txt extension is an easy way to serve it in that form, but the MIME type is needed.  Find out what the MIME type is and set it on the server. [dh:2013-01-28 I settled on multipart/related.  That seems to have done the job.]
2013-01-27 Escalate review of construction structure links and descriptions to the top level. This needs to be watched for in other old pages that were cloned from nfoWare.  And look at nfoWare too.  (Escalate as a site maintenance issue.)
2013-01-27 Review the notes construction structure for any additional aberrations
done 2013-02-24 Correct the broken branching/sharing of 2012/index.htm and 2013/index.htm.  
done 2013-01-27 Correct case of links in notes/index.htm.  Review the same in notes and dev.  The capitalization is in the mirrored-site image and VSS.   Break sharing, delete in the mirror VSS,  delete in publicca mirror, and let the new version share through.   Then update the site from the new version by deleting the one that is there first.  
2008-03-11 n000000 and n000001 should both have version histories
done 2012-05-03 Clone n100401 for customization as n120501 placeholder
done 2012-05-03 Create construction structures for notes/2012/ and notes/2012/05/ in preparation for notes on nfoWorks and other projects.  reflect at notes/index.htm too.
2008-08-12 The notes/2008 and notes/2008/04 construction structure was shared to make diary/2008 and diary/2008/08 structure and not branched.  Roll the ones here back, touch them, and reshare them with the hosted site to restore the notes construction structure intact.
done 2008-05-08 construction.htm: Review and tidy up as part of hooking it into from the Site Construction Zone.
2008-03-11 Populate n08030x as the nfoWorks.htm page document engineering.  This should get us going. [dh:2008-03-13 I took n080301 for something else.  We will get to this, just doing easier ones first.][dh:2008-05-08: Found this not checked off.  It was completed with n080401.]
done 2008-04-03 Correct the catalog link for immediate content of 2008/04/index.htm, 2008/03/index.htm, and 2008/02/index.htm
done 2008-04-03 Add construction structure for notes/2008/04
done 2008-03-13 2008/03 and 2008/03/index.htm were created and linked into the construction structure, but the folder was not shared to the hosted-site image.  Do that so there will be correction with the next upload to the site.
2008-03-11 Use n080201 as the document engineering for the default home page, starting out as the Bootstrap Stage notice.  There is no non-construction entry to the site until nfoWorks.htm is also created and available.
done 2008-03-11

This Construction Structure was successfully customized as part of the
2008-02-18 stage of Site Bootstrapping.  Check those pages for additional details of the approach to customization. 
Contact the nfoWorks technical coordinator with questions and to report any defects that you notice.

done 2008-03-11 Customize n080201 so that it works as already-bootstrapped boilerplate for any additional notes
done 2008-03-11 Propogate bootstrapped construction structure through all of the n080201 folio
done 2008-03-11 Propogate bootstrapped construction structure through all levels: notes/, notes/2008, notes/2008/02 and notes/2008/03
done 2008-03-11 Customize the n000000 and n000001 pages as bootstrapped placeholders for initial notes
done 2008-03-11 Customize the Construction Zone from nfoWare notes/ to make nfoWorks notes/. 
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Changed to Semantic Versioning along with resumption of effort on
0.00 2008-03-11-17:12 Establish notes/ Construction Zone Diary
Copy the construction zone from nfoWare /toolcraft and customize it for nfoWare /notes.

Construction Structure (Hard Hat Area)

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