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  2015-12-05 Capture the Apache Corinthia incubator treatment on ODF Interoperability and the Helix
  2015-12-05 Restate work items to apply to the ODF Interoperability Assessment Helix approach
  2015-06-16 n150601: Put in something about the problem of the database and how it can be tied to.  There is a lot of TROSTing that goes with this.  Although we are doing ODF, it should be exemplary of other cases. [dh:2015-06-16 I touched on this in an author's note.  There may need to be a page on this (meta-) principle on its own.  This can be an infrastructure requirement and development policy.]
  2015-06-13 The tools defined in the RCT paper and additional ones may also surface here.
  2015-06-13 Figure out where the treatment of document Manifestations and Manifestation Equivalence are to be dealt with, so they are at least cross-referenced from the treatment here, if not part of the treatment.  This could be a separate thing for maybe SigWeb or somewhere.
  2015-06-13 There is a pattern-language thing here.  This can be tied back to TROSTing.
  2015-06-10 The principles can be targets for test assertions.  The ladder of principles matters.  These might be a bit meta- with respect to concrete test assertions.  [dh:2015-06-13 It is important to establish the notion of the existence of specifications that are targets for implementatioin traceability and specified envelopes within which profiles are established and the test assertions applicable to -- including across the layering.  There is then the assurance helix the idea being to have a methodology that can be replicated by anyone for their own assurance purposes.]
  2015-06-10 n150601: Describe how it is the principles that matter and that are to be extended to assessment procedures. [dh:2015-06-13 The brief synopsis does this a little.  This deserves more emphasis in the enumeration of the principles.]
done 2016-01-22 Add Apache LICENSE to DocInterop.
done 0.07
2015-12-05 n150601: Tie in the GitHub orcmid/DocInterop project, and vice versa. [dh:2016-01-22 The DocInterop README ties to rct and here, now.]
done 2015-12-05 Repurpose for the ODF Interoperability Assessment Helix account.  n150601, n150601a, n150601b, n150501c, n150601-cache, n150601-secluded.
2015-06-07 n150601: When the RCT paper shows up on My Author Page, create ACM Author-Izer Service link for its free downloads (should be by 2015-07-10) [dh:2015-06-13 The button will be on RCT Development and it will be cross-linked from here.]
done 2015-06-16 n150601: Introduce something about choice of a name and how we won't let that stop us.
done 2015-06-14 n150601: Say a little more about how the Anti-Pattern paper is applied to change-tracking but it applies generally to interoperability assurance.
done 2015-06-14 n150601: Correct font size in the "definitive version at doi>"
done 2015-06-14 n150601: Correct the n140602 link
done 2015-06-13 Reflect n150601 0.02 in the Catalog
done 2015-06-13 n150601: Link to n140501 on RCT Development
done 2015-06-13 n150601: Add XML-based to the candidates, at least parenthetically, and mention ODF, OOXML, and EPUB.
done 2015-06-13 n150601: Remove the cache-folder link and the link to the DChanges program.
done 2015-06-13 n150601: Correct the versioning, advancing to 0.02.
2015-06-07 Capture in n150601-seclusion for preservation, the published final RCT paper.  [dh:2015-06-07 The paper is secluded but the catalog page is still not customized] [later: The authors final submission is moved to the available cache][dh:2015-06-10 Note: This really belongs in the RCT development location even though the download button is here..  Although it could be on the rct/ page.][dh:2015-06-13 The download button will not be here.  When the paper shows up, the location of the button will be cross-referenced from here.]
2015-06-07 n150601: Add box for downloading the Author's version until the Version of Record can be obtained via the ACM Author-Izer service..
2015-06-10 n150601-cache is not for RCT development.  The content needs to move.  The cache may no longer be needed. [dh:2015-06-12 The RCT Final Version is moved to n140502-cache where it will thrive along with the other materials on RCT development.]
done 2015-06-09 n150601-cache: Reload the Author version PDF as binary and correct the name
done 2015-06-09 n150601-cache: Make 0.01 of the default page so that it will update on the web site host with the latest and correct information.
done 2015-06-07 Cache an author's version of the paper
done 2015-06-07 n150601: Make author's version free for download
done 2015-06-07 Seclude the published version of the paper
2015-06-07 Setup n150601-cache for resource and historical material on this activity
done 2015-06-07 Make placeholders for n150601, n150601a, n150601b, and n150601c
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