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RCT: ODF 1.2 Change-Tracking Repair Development

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  2014-10-24 n140501: Expand the ladder of tests to have application, interop, and somehow deal with ODF 1.2 versus ODF 1.2+RCT.[dh:2015-06-05 This can be handled with the PCT Principles and also the ODF 1.2 Conformance information, as well as anything on the Assurance Helix.]
  2014-10-24 n140501: Need to account for the use of Test Assertions, the importance of a test suite, etc. [dh:2015-06-05 This also can be tied to the ODF 1.2 Conformance information and the Assurance Helix.]
  2014-10-20 n140501b7: Add the DChanges2014-Pre-Proceedings.pdf  (This can also be catalogued for PCT.  Include the program information and link to it on the Internet.)
  2014-10-20 n140501b6: Make a clean, separate version of the Position Paper for public availability.
  2014-10-20 n140501b5: Preserve the Position Paper on value of RCT, with rejection information. [dh:2015-06-12 This letter has been taken.  May need to do more.  Since the position paper was not accepted, I can probably make one freely available with the ACM notice replaced.  It would refer to its location here as authoritative.]
  2014-06-29 There needs to be a glossary of terms.  It can provide the glossary section for the extension profile specification as well.  Hook up to it when something is available.  It will be managed as part of the extension specification. [dh:This will be part of the terms and nomenclature of the RCT specification]
  2014-06-10 Capture (secluded if necessary) OASIS materials on ODF change-tracking and ECT proposals - Also any JIRA issues and test documents, defect demonstrations.  [dh:2014-07-01 These may be more appropriate at n140502 on the complexity of change-tracking.]
  2014-06-10 Capture the request for an ECT-based solution to ODF change-tracking and the requirements document [dh:2014-07-08 Should be in n140502, but the requirements are valuable for RCT.  I think n140502, but reference, collated for the RCT case.]
  2014-06-10 Connect with analysis of extension techniques, if part of n140602 or separate from that.
  2014-05-04 For chuckles, capture the OSB Alliance materials on this topic. [dh:2014-07-08 That makes sense here][dh:2014-07-08 It makes more sense in n140502.]
  2014-05-04 n140501: The RCT proposal does not include promulgation to OASIS ODF or an ISO/IEC specification.  It could be promulgated a couple of ways, including as an independent extension, a ratified extension, or incorporated in ODF 1.3 as part of updating of the ODF 1.2 treatment of change tracking, independent of any ODF 1.3 Part 4 introduction of MCT.  The treatment as an independent/ratified extension would deal with upward compatibility and downward compatibility issues.
  2014-05-04 n140501: This effort does not include upgrading of converters in Apache OpenOffice or LibreOffice.  It is only about extensions in the ODF format and their proof of concept in native ODF implementations. 
  2014-05-04 The obvious place to do proof of concept is with Apache OpenOffice.  Since any successful implementation there will be forked to LibreOffice and the licensing satisfies the OSB Alliance requirements. 
  2014-05-04 n140501: ODF 1.2 Change-Tracking Repair.  This is to be a folio specifically on the repair of change-tracking in the manner of protection extensions that treats provides a remedy to the current breakage, in the spirit of the ECT proposal rather than the MCT proposal.  See below: 2012-10-31.  [dh:2014-07-08 This is a transposed work item.  It has been mainly resolved by creation of this folio.  The list of use cases to deal with is useful to capture, so that is something to look at.]
  2014-05-04 Check the "diary" here too.
  2014-05-04 See if I can get ODF JIRA materials that I had posted in the past. [dh:2014-07-08 These are at n140502.]
  2014-05-04 Dig through my ODF WHS materials to see what should be captured here or can be used here.
  2014-05-04 Start bringing over notes from notebooks, starting backwards from #71.
2015-06-12 n140501-cache Make a possible updated manifest which is just about the downloadable PDF.  Put the Final Publicataion in seclusion and have the -cache manifest provide a link to the RCT/ page.
done 2015-06-12 n140501-cache link to n140501b5 with a nofollow to avoid text indexing.
done 2015-06-12 n140501-cache n140501b5 Link to the ACM Digital Library TOC listing for the Proceedings.
done 2015-06-12 n140501-cache: Move the final submission document to this location, since this is where it naturally fits.   The only other way to download will be at the PCT Principles folio cover and that will last only until the Authorize-It reference becomes available.
2014-10-24 n140501c: Fix "Initial Sketch" versus "Initial Concept."
2014-10-19 n140501b4: Add secluded RCT post-proceedings revision to the folio resources
2014-10-19 n140501b3: Add RCT presentation slides for DChanges 2014 to the folio resources
done 2014-10-19 n140501b2: Add secluded RCT preprint to the folio resources.
done 2014-10-19 n140501b1: Add secluded original RCT submission to the folio resources.
done 2014-09-04 n140501: Add DChanges 2014 Program link to related resources.
done 2014-07-11 n140501: Add link to RCT organization, d140605.
2014-07-07 #72.52 The choice for hypothetical WYSIWYG fixture is BlueSkyOffice, with its .bso extension for ODF 1.2 Packages.
2014-06-10 Contrast with n130301: SCT: Savage Change-Tracking. 
done 2014-07-08 The principle behind RCT is to assume that what is produced is what ODF specifies with regard to consumption.
done 2014-07-01 Differentiate titles and make n140501b the Roadmap: n140501, n140501b, n140501c
2014-06-24 Capture in n140501-embargo, for preservation, the research paper submitted about RCT, along with the editable document and diagrams used.
2014-05-04 n140501: The extension technique needs to be tested against older ODF consumers to ensure that there are no regression problems.  The must-understand, can-ignore business needs to be worked out.   So regression confirmation is needed.  If necessary, implementations could anticipate the extensions by ensuring their occurrences are benign when encountered and there is no accomodation in the implementation.  Then emitters can begin producing the extended documents, and we can get more confirmation about what is ingested safely, whether or not processed.   With regard to having this be conformant, that depends on acceptability to the OASIS ODF TC and whether the remedy is acceptable in the ODF specification independent of the ODF 1.3 part 4. [dh:2014-07-11 These are now handled in d140602]
done 2014-06-25 n140501: Add the RCT Extension Profile hypertext folder in the Related Materials
done 2014-06-25 n140501: Rename "RCT: ODF 1.2 Change-Tracking Repair Development" and propagate throughout the folio, distinguishing this material from the web of the RCT extension profile.
2014-06-24 n140603: Make for the professional appearance placeholder of
2014-06-10 Create an extended abstract on "Change Tracking in the Document-Format Anti-Pattern" [dh:2014-07-07 This was done on 2014-06-24 as "Tracked Changes: Navigating the Document-Format Anti-Pattern."
done 2014-06-10 n140501: Add reference to n140602 when it is spliced in.
done 0.01 2014-06-10 n140501: Add references to n130301 and n140503 as well as n140502.
2014-05-04 Create the ns/odf/1.2/ substructure for RCT.
done 2014-05-05 n140501: Make n140502 for "Why WYSIWYG Change-Tracking Is Hard" by whatever polite name is available. [dh:2014-05-05 This becomes ODF 1.2 Change-Tracking Complexity.  The other can be a subtitle on a slide presentation.  This can now be referenced by SCP and RCP, and this can refer to RCP, perhaps]
done 2014-05-04 Bring over relevant notes from n000000.
2014-05-04 Setup n140501-cache for resource and historical material on this activity
done 2014-05-04 Add to the catalog
done 2013-05-04 Make placeholders for n140501, n140501a, n140501b, and n140501c
done 2013-05-04

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