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  2013-11-11 Integrate the diary/images better into the Construction Structure.
  2013-11-11 Clone the default.htm and harmony-atom.xml pages for use as an avenue to the older material when default, and the feeds, are taken over by a different blog publisher.
in progress 2013-11-11 Review this folder tree for latest style and URL structure as well.
  2013-11-11 Folio c080801 is devoted to the bootstrapping and care and feeding of this blog.  This Construction Zone needs to be stepped up to (1) have an archive of the Blogger blog preserved properly before a different blog is overlaid here.
  2012-12-11 Depending on how much there is in existing RSS, etc., I might also republish some of the older Blogger blog posts under Movable Type also.  I need to explore useful ways of doing this.  See also the 2010-04-10 item on republishing.
  2012-12-11 When Movable Type is working here, bring the entries in the text diary over as blog posts, back-dated to fit into the original production.
  2010-04-11 I need a way to specify attribution on pages.  This might be part of the blog Title Block far-right cell linkage.  If I do that I will probably need to republish, or else add it now and figure out what to say there later. 
  2010-04-10 labels/ Add the different categories to the index page
  2008-08-13 Add further templates for the safety net
  2008-08-13 I really need an nfoWorks logo so I can stop using the hard hat image.
  2008-08-12 Update the home page and link to the blog page.
  2008-08-12 Post the initial diary pages to the blog for retrieval via RSS, etc.
  2008-08-12 Claim the blog on Technorati [dh:2012-12-11 Now it is more like getting the posts into]
2013-11-11 Integrate 2010/05/ into the Construction Structure
2013-02-24 It appears that the archive 2009/ and 2010/ pages are also not backed up.  Ensure that the Blogger pages that are on the site are backed up on the development system mirror and also shared into the development web server and VSS.  [dh:2013-11-11 I did backup the files to quadro but VSS is not showing me only the files that are not checked in.  This may be related to having moved the archive.  I must fix that.]
done 2013-11-11 Review the diary/ level construction structure and this Construction Zone: default.htm, index.htm, construction.htm,c000000.htm, blog-related material. 
2013-02-24 The index.htm Construction Structure does not reflect subfolders since 2008.  [dh:2013-11-11 The Construction Structure seems to be there.  It can be reviewed separately]
done at c080801
2008-08-17 Capture representative web pages that have been created under each of the templates so far, for preservation as part of the Blog Operations material [dh:2010-04-10 This is construction note c080801 and it doesn't have the material yet.  I am not sure I need to get into this here.  I should probably capture some pages there, though, just for the record, especially since I intend to regenerate the entire blog at least once more.  I could do it the easiest by capturing archive pages, I think, probably as MHT files.]
2010-04-10 I have mixed feelings about republishing the blog.  I would like to use the posts that are about the blog structure in the format they were in when written.  I think that means I can't let anything republish them of course.  Maybe I should give it up, and simply republish the blog.  I will see first whether I can republish the pages I want in new format and see what that does to other pages.  No.  that's not going to work.  I should just republish and not fuss with this.  I may have to annotate previous blog posts simply because the retemplating will make them obsolete.  Well, let's see how many time I can go around this circle before I get things working right. [dh:2010-04-11 I must republish because I want the Creative Commons license on the bottom of all of my pages.  That settles it.  I will make comments on some posts to account for their no longer being the format they are talking about.  I will need to point to examples in that case.] [dh:2012-12-11 Problem solved.  Reposting of the blog might be by recreating under Movable Type.  If that is the case, the republished older posts can be linked to in their original forms and locations.][dh:2013-11-11 This is a non-issue since then.]
2010-04-11 Experiment with color scheme until I have found the mix I want for the template.  Then update the template.
2010-04-11 Go to a title block and sidebar style that is more like the professional-appearance web pages for nfoWorks
2010-04-11 Add attribution link to the blog template
done 2010-04-11 Add an attribution page to the diary folder.  Make it a placeholder for how to make attributions to content on the blog.  It will need to describe references to posts and comments.  (For backlinks, one should refer to the original, not the backlink summary.)  For attribution and copying, it needs to be understood that while a page with comments might be considered a combined work, the Creative Commons License does not apply to those elements that are not of my own authorship.   For any use of comments that requires permission from a copyright holder, consult the respective commenters. [dh:2010-04-11 This is handled with creation of the attribution Front Porch page and nfoNote n100401.]
done 2010-04-11 Try going to smaller fonts and the tighter pages that allows.
done 2010-04-11 Add the Creative Commons symbol and text to the bottom block "You are here" text of the blog template.
done 2010-04-10 Post changes to the hosted site
done 2010-04-10 c080801h.txt: backup template in preparation for replacement with an entirely different format.
2008-08-19 Blog about the template tweaks and capture a page created under the updated template. [dh:2010-04-10 I captured all previous samples and the latest template as part of preparing to completely replace the template and, perhaps, regenerate the entire blog.]
done 2010-04-10 images/ deleted the individual folders and incorporate the into the backup. 
done 2010-04-10 images/ Check to see whether the references to image folders from posts are absolute or relative and we don't have to worry about broken links
2010-04-09 Update links on nfoWorksCompagno and "check in" the new content from the blog hosting
done 2010-04-10 Share new construction-structure pages back to the hosted-site image
done 2010-04-10 2010/ Create the Construction Structure and hook up: 2010/01, 2010/04, 2010, diary
done 2010-04-10 2009/ Create the Construction Structure and hook up: 2009/03/, 2009/06/, 2009/09, 2009/12, 2009/, diary/
done 2010-04-10 2008/ Complete the Construction Structure and hook up to 2008 level and higher if needed: 2008/09, 2008/10, 2008/11, 2008/12, 2008/, diary/
done 2010-04-09 Backup the blog hosting to the hosted-site image and integrate with the nfoWorksCompagno project
2008-08-17 Make a blog post about the tweaks and use it to apply the new template to the main, archive, and latest post; this is also confirmation that the template is working as desired.
done 0.04
2008-08-19 Add the ClustrMap
done 0.04
2008-08-19 Add a link to related blogs.
done 0.04
2008-08-19 Add a sidebar list of recently-posted articles
done 0.04
2008-08-19 Unify the heading font colors and weights throughout the page
done 0.04
2008-08-19 Make additional template tweaks for 0.04 and update the site
done 0.03 2008-08-17 Make additional template tweaks for 0.03 and update the site
done 2008-08-16 Blog about the template tweaks to have the 0.02 template applied to new blog material
done 0.02 2008-08-16 Do some simple template tweaks after backing up again
done 2008-08-13 Confirm use of the versioned template
done 2008-08-13 Make first template update using DOCTYPE and having version information.
done 2008-08-13 Capture the template
done 2008-08-13 Start the Safety Net post: link to c080801, the construction zone, and the Ramping Up post
done 2008-08-13 construction.htm: link to c080801
done 2008-08-13 Update construction structure to reflect the additional content at the top level
done 2008-08-13 c000000: Correct the folder name in the anchor block from notes to diary
done 2008-08-13 c080801: Create construction material folio on the operation of the diary
done 2008-08-13 Turn off the e-mail thingy
done 2008-08-13 Change the title to "nfoWorks: Pursuing Harmony"
done 2008-08-12 Create and exercise a backup procedure that captures all of the blog material on the hosted-site image and on the development image also. [dh:2008-08-12 This is a bit too laborious, although not difficult to perform manually.  I will need to figure out how to automate this procedure.]
done 2008-08-12 Republish the blog using the new archive directory.
done 2008-08-12 Create a labels directory for the category setup that Blogger creates
done 2008-08-12 Create an archive directory for collection of archive posts, avoiding clutter in the root diary folder.
done 2008-08-12 Create an /images directory for images included in the blog posts.  This will be for use by Live Writer.
done 2008-08-12 Compose the initial post(s) for building up the blog template and format and having the RSS working.
done 2008-08-12 Add the new blog to Live Writer
done 2008-08-12 Create a new Blogger blog for Pursuing Harmony - It is an initial skeleton page
done 2008-08-12 Create Blogger account for ftp access to the site
done 2008-08-12 Update the site
done 2008-08-12 Tie into superior construction structure and Construction Zone (the front-porch of the site)
done 2008-08-12 Propagate bootstrapped construction structure through all levels: diary/, diary/2008 and diary/2008/08
done 2008-08-12

This material conforms to the
2008-02-18 styles for Site Bootstrapping.  Check those pages for additional details of the approach and the styles. 
Contact the nfoWorks technical coordinator with questions and to report any defects that you notice.

done 2008-08-12 Customize the Construction Zone from nfoWorks notes/ to make nfoWorks diary/. 
0.00 2008-08-12-11:10 Establish diary/ Construction Zone Diary
Copy the construction zone from nfoWorks notes/and customize it for the diary/ section.

Construction Structure (Hard Hat Area)

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