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  2013-10-04 Continue review of devNotes for monoculture dependencies with regard to security, privacy, and integrity.  Put markers in where anti-monoculture alternatives are required.
  2013-10-04 Review the ODF-related namespaces and supporting materials.  Go ahead and develop the provisional materials to the point where they can be implemented.  Add constraints on the PBKDF2 usage to control output buffer to single blocks. 
  2013-05-08 Character entities and internal DTDs need to be dealt with in the context of generic XML support.  There needs to be defenses against pathological entities, recursion/explosions and such.  (Note that a DTD could be carried in a package, but that doesn't work for the flat case.)
  2013-05-08 n130401 Now has more about this - see 2012-11-11 on package, analysis, and validation tools.  This layering can also be with regard to Zip -> DCF -> nfoDCF tools, ...
  2013-03-11 Create augmentation of toolcraft for development of components and applications for KECCEK/SHA3.
  2013-03-11 It is time to consider XML toolchains and the augmentation to the component toolcraft for the operation of XML streaming, parsing, validation, generation, and plug-in of common processing (e.g., xml:id, XLink, and XPointer).
  2012-11-11 There may need to be Notes on package and Zip handling too, perhaps also related to the need to preserve the use of URI-form references to package files (physical parts, with their compression, etc.).
  2012-11-11 There needs to be a package analysis, validation, and correction tool.  This is sort of like the ODMrun idea, but maybe something like ZipFix or PkgScan, PkgCheck (combining OPC, ODF, and the proposed IS treatment.)  I think ZipCheck and maybe ZipFix are useful, with PkgCheck and PkgFix being layered atop the raw Zip part.  The Pkg ones need to recognize packages but cannot really deal with anything that involves inspection of content, methinks.  Checking relationships and XML parts other than the minimums are not going to be done at that level, I think.  The respective specifications will be relevant. 
  2012-09-10 Change authz160 to authzN appropriately in the development notes, especially in the protection-key namespace development.  Note that authz160 is intended there, but it is grounded in the authzN treatment in the notes (n120801).
  2012-07-07 Add a generic layer for cryptographic-quality random-number generation.  [dh:2012-07-12 Reflect in d120701.]
  2012-07-07 Add a generic PBKDF2 implementation and support.    [dh:2012-07-12 Reflect in d120701.]
  2012-07-07 Add a generic HMAC-SHA-1 implementation and support.   [dh:2012-07-12 Reflect in d120701.]
  2012-07-07 Add a generic SHA1 implementation and support.   [dh:2012-07-12 Reflect in d120701.]
  2012-07-01 Add OWL, attributes having namespace prefixes in their values, etc., into d120402 on ns/odf
  2012-04-28 When working in XML, it is clear that we want referencing to Unicode.  It is not clear that anything else would be produced, apart from ASCII with perhaps many character escapes.  What we want to avoid is wholesale intermediate transformations, if at all possible.  And we don't want to be tripped up by surrogate pairs.  This makes it look like the character set interop stack needs to be rather interesting.  There are different performance cases and probably no clear-cut solution.  At the same time, there should be as much opportunity to hide the nature of the stack as possible, especially to avoid fine-grained decisions and conversions everywhere. [dh:2012-05-11 It seems that for encrypted elements, UTF8 is the desired plaintext.  That is interesting also.]
  2012-04-28 In text-input streams there are many issues around code pages, multibyte, and Unicode encodings.  It is not clear to me how these are worked with.  ASCII is easy, UTF8 and the UTF16s are essential.  What about the other code pages?  What about the mappings of other character set encodings?  (I do prefer UTF8 some of the time although UTF16 in wchar_t is appealing too.)  There needs to be some support for typing and also an example of the business of preserving the source case through to destinations.  Again, UTF16 and wchar_t makes that work best, and of course it fits BSTR too.  So the idea may be to use wchar_t as an intermediate, decide whether surrogates are needed or not, etc.  The tension between this and the desire for UTF8 in handling Unicode text, especially in hashtables and such is challenging.  It seems that when we are talking about XML, the situation is a little different.
  2012-04-28 RTF is an interesting challenge.  It is a way to learn more about the Microsoft Word structures and organization.  It is also a way to figure out the plug-in model and how model harmonization is preserved between import, interaction, and export.  There is a lot about fall-back and graceful degradation as well.  There is an interesting issue about preserving what is recognized but not supported in conjunction with document integrity and security considerations.
  2012-04-25 There is an obvious opportunity to make a separate nfoBase that handles odb much better than current implementations, perhaps allowing different export and report formats (e.g., odt, rtf, others?)..  There are other cases for usability too.  See #68.10
  2012-01-28 Maybe do something about font-embedding as well.
  2012-01-15 Add the handling of OXT and writing aids as a topic for development here.  This may be mostly trustworthiness, but start here in terms of analysis and what is involved.
  2012-01-15 The nfoLocker development also requires expansion into subordinate technologies, trustworthy components, all ALv2 or comparable, and difference between proof-of-concept shared with ODF Toolkit (perhaps Apache OpenOffice) and how developed as a utility set.
in progress
2012-01-15 Create Note on nfoLocker (.nlk) project and its relationship to ODF 1.x.  Add design issues in terms of things to confirm or features to resolve.  Tie to use of ODF and usability within ODF.   This is with respect to the locking of ODF documents.  Then there is the generic case.  There tends to be a general problem and an ODF problem.   The namespace migration opportunity applies here.  [dh:2012-04-22 This appears to be a note also.][dh:2012-07-12-13:39 The overall note is n120501.  The development will come in parts as pieces are devised.]
  2011-12-06 There is an updated version of Google Analytics.  I need to see how this applies and how I can apply it to this site.  I have removed the scripts from the standard footers.  I may need some other place for that.  Maybe in the title-block logo?
  2011-12-05 Need a folio on the SourceForge project(s) and what is to be found there, what the structures are, etc.  Also what the different proposals have been, over time, the proposal on the Blog page, etc.  [dh:2011-12-05 The classic registration is as easy as the new beta one.  There is] [dh:2011-12-06 Some of those pages are synthetic.  I need one on the setup of the SourceForge project and different ones on different functions that I include and operate.  These all have TROSTing components to deal with.]
  2011-11-28 It is appropriate to consider IANA as well, especially media types
  2011-11-28 I'm thinking it is time to address packaging and scaling up from Zip via a Canonical Zip for documents.  I don't know if I can handle the OPC streaming case though.  I need to figure out the division between dev and notes as well.  There could also be a professional-appearance case.  I can also imagine some sort of implementation notes.  I am not sure that is the same as notes either.  [dh:2012-11-22 The OPC case of concern is called interleaving][dh:2014-06-30 This item was created before DCF arose.  That would be the framework now.]
  2011-11-25 I need a folio on Reduction of Attack Surface and what the patterns are.  This splits between what is done in nfoWorks with patterns (at least) in TROSTing.  [dh:2012-04-12 Also maybe better in Notes than in Dev]
  2011-08-20 Create a namespace for not a namespace [dh:2012-04-28 I wonder what to call it - nn is no namespace in bindings?  I see I propose none for it, but it could be nonamespace too.  none is nicer, or NaI for not an identifier.  I wonder how RDF works when referencing negative or empty concepts?]
  2011-08-20 Create a namespace for chaff
  2011-08-18 Create a namespace for creation of bad namespaces to be used in resiliency tests and tests of implementation failure modes.  [dh:2012-04-28 Also need an "unused" namespace for use in resiliency testing where unused bindings are created.]
done 2013-11-02 Create d141101 for RTFX Development, a project to preserve old RTF documents and allow them to be made portable by non-destructive updates.
done 2014-10-25 d141001: Create for ODF Implementation-Defect Collection as a means for general defects, some related to RCT and/or PCT.  In general, the demonstration of all defects is essentially the same, being one of the two test suite cases, sometime with an example of a correct case.
done 2014-06-30 d140605: For RCT Extension Profile outline and organization
2011-08-16 Figure out how font coloring is inconsistent (i.e., in the title banner).
done 2014-06-30 d140603/d140604 These are assessment documents, not variance or conformance documents.
2014-06-28 d140604: Conventional folio? Interoperability-Variance CT Document Collection [dh:2014-06-30 Interoperability Assessment]
2014-06-28 d140603: Conventional folio? Application-Variance CT Document Collection [dh:2014-06-30 Application Assessment]
2014-05-08 d120403: Update to include rct# as another subordinate namespace.  Fix it so that the fragment identifiers of those sections are their names, not the subsection numbers, which can change over time.
2014-06-28 d140602: Conventional folio?  To provide the Faux RCT Document Collection
2014-06-27 d140601: Create for managing the ns/odf/1.2/rct/faux# namespace.
done 2014-05-08 Share ns/odf/1.2/rct/ and dev/2014/ structures to the hosted-site mirror
done 2014-05-08 Build ns/odf/1.2/rct/construction structure and connect to the professional-appearance namespace description (placeholder).
done 2014-05-08 Build dev/2014/05/ construction structure for d140501 location
2013-03-04 Create a folio for the development of implementations that are able to be wrapped and interoperated in a variety of ways on a variety of platforms.  Also introduce the two optimization cases: one for in-process objects and the other for piece-parts for compilation into use cases for cryptographic primitives and other objects where direct incorporation is preferable to library linking.  [dh:2013-03-06 The other case is for prototyping, proof-of-concept, and testing, including cross-confirmation using existing implementations.  dh:2013-03-09 accomplished with setup of d130301 devNote]
done 2013-02-25 The use of fragment IDs on folder URLs may be a problem.  I need to see if those cases work for older browsers or not.  [dh:2013-02-25 I checked with IE8.0 on Windows XP and IE10 on Astraendo Windows 8 with no evident problems.]
2011-08-20 It might be even better to work up the hierarchy, with a bit at each level, ns/, ns/odf, ns/odf/1.2/ and like that.  Also, chaff might be at any or separate level.  ns/none is also an interesting one.  [dh:2012-11-03 These are done enough.  Chaff is a practice and that gets dealt with somewhere else, perhaps in a Note.]
2012-06-30 Complete ns/odf/1.2/protection# explanation (d120404) [dh:2012-11-03 These are complete enough now and they can be developed further in synchronization with polishing and approval of the relevant reports.]
2012-06-30 Complete ns/odf/1.2/security# explanation (d110801) [dh:2012-11-03 These are complete enough now and they can be developed further in synchronization with polishing and approval of the relevant reports.]
2012-06-30 Wrap up ns/odf/1.2/ explanation (d120403)
2012-10-31 Work down the ns/odf/ hierarchy to establish that an implementation-defined feature can also become a provisional feature.  d120402, d120403, d110801 [dh:2012-11-02 This doesn't happen to apply.  The package features are all required to be extensions.]
2012-07-04 Clean up all of the namespace hierarchy to make clear what is identified/described and how the fragment identifiers count as an usage.  This needs to be tidier: d111001, d120401, d120402, d120403, d120404, d110801.
done 2012-10-28 Windows 7 and Windows 8 cannot access compago FrontPage extensions via FrontPage 2003 properly.  There is some sort of permission/authentication conflict.  I don't know if that will be cured with IIS and FrontPage extensions on WHS.  I will have to find out.  [dh:2012-10-28 This is a construction issue.]
done 2012-10-28 Confirm that nfoWorks on Compagno can be accessed using the Astraendo XPM Virtual PC.
done 2012-07-07 Create d120701 placeholder on DK[X] Password Protection Approach
2012-06-30 Wrap up ns/example# explanation (d120401)
done 2012-06-30 Wrap up ns/odf/ explanation (d120402)
done 2012-06-30 Wrap up ns/example/myTerm explanation (d120501).
2012-06-29 2012-04-28 Review the entire structure and the ns references for name# instead of name/#.  Also explain it somewhere.  d111001, d110801, d120401, d120402, d120403, d120404.  Also check the construction structure: ns, ns/example, ns/odf/, ns/odf/1.2/, ns/odf/1.2/protection/ and ns/odf/1.2/security.
done 2012-05-02 Create 2120501 for the ns/example/myTerm segment.   Add to catalog and ns/example/myTerm/default.htm
2011-08-16 Create d111201 for protection# namespace [dh:2012-04-12 d120404 or 5]
done 2012-04-24 d000001: Add d120403
done 2012-04-22 d000001: Add d120401 and d120402
2012-04-13 Create a folio that handles the ns/example cases.
2012-01-15 Create 2012 dev substructure
2011-08-18 Make a folio on Namespaces themselves, that can be referenced from the others.  Have its professional-appearance page be at ns/
done 2011-11-28 Confirm that all new folios are shared with the hosted-site image.  [dh:2011-11-28 I also found a branching from nfoCentrale Repaving that had not been branched away yet.]
done 2011-10-01 Create d111001 as the origin of the namespace default page, nfoWorks ns/default.htm
2011-08-16 Create d110801 for security# namespace
done 2011-08-20 Change all permalinks/purple numbers to have IDs beginning with letters to be safe fragment values. d000000, d000001, d110801 folio
2011-08-18 Get the model for version threading to use in dev/ and notes/ too.  - Was already on d110801c
done 2011-08-16 Correct catalog links in dev/index.htm
done 2011-08-16 Create 2011/08/ substructure for creation of namespace management folios.
done 2011-08-16 Add versioning to this page.
done 2011-08-16 Customize d000001.htm to be used for dev
done 2011-08-16 Customize from nfoWorks notes/ to make content/catalog job jar and diary.
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