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  2014-07-11 d140605d: We may need a WD00 as a null document that bootstraps the development process. [dh:2014-07-12 Definitely.  This is also something that can be managed in part at the rct/ Construction Zone.
  2014-07-11 d140605d: If RCT is born as a hypertext, it is not clear what the reliable means for producing static interchange formats might be. 
  2014-07-11 d140605d: We need to be sure that freezing works when material is included in a WD snapshot of any kind.  Material can be saved across WDs, but the doc-eng page must somehow reflect that.  It might not be appropriate to use change-tracking in early development and early drafts, where substantial material additions are made. 
  2014-07-11 d140605d: Allow for cumulative change history, acknowledgments, and errata cases.  There should be errata placeholders.  Not sure about granularity.  Working drafts may contain faux change-tracking with respect to earlier working drafts.  A specification [draft] may be clean but identical in all other respects to a published WD.
  2014-07-09 Create a combination list that provides outline and links to related development material.
  2014-06-30 Figure out the difference between a TOC, and Outline, and a hybrid that links to development folders to help when navigating to work in progress and maintenance pages in devNote folios.
2014-07-11 d140605d: Version progression might be 1.0 for text, 1.1 for addition of tables, and 1.2 for presentations, other cases not already reached in ODF 1.2.
2014-07-11 d140605d: Create a Document-Engineering approach
2014-07-11 d140605d: We want a W3C-style version progression that uses nomenclature comparable to OASIS specifications.  There are Working Drafts (WDnn), there are specification drafts (SDnn) that also consume a WD number.  Hmm.  It might be more like nn-WD, nn-SD, and nn-SP (specification or maybe nn-PR for profile).  These are maybe better done as dated with status suffixes?
2014-07-11 d140605d: For born hypertext using include pages, cross references to other pages are tricky, as are permalinks on pages.  [dh:2014-07-12 That has been captured.  An experiment will be done with WD00.]
2014-07-11 Beside the default page, and whatever it threads through, there are other (folders?) that provide the side-by-side, version progression.  Check the W3C pages of multi-page documents to see what they might be doing.
done 2014-07-12 Check the W3C scheme and account for it on d140605d
done 2014-07-12 d140605*: Fix weirdness in the ways the first top-title line is heavier than the next line.  This had to do with <strong> and the font being smaller than the next line, the one with the folio title.
done 2014-07-09 d140605c: Create initial trial outline based on typical OASIS Standard and ISO/IEC International Standard forms.  This is very high-level.
done 2014-06-30 d140605: Connect from the RCT front page
done 2014-06-30 Make placeholders for d140605, d140605a, d140605b, and d140605c
done 2014-06-30

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