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The Content Material here was successfully customized as part of the
2008-02-18 stage of Site Bootstrapping.  Check those pages for additional details of the approach to bootstrapping and customization. 
Contact the nfoWorks technical coordinator with questions and to report any defects that you notice.

  2014-07-12 Take an inventory of other folios and determine which ones also need to have their top-line adjusted, in both dev/ and notes/
  2014-06-09 cover page: contact and privacy statement should be linked.   Need to re-arrange the sidebars.
  2014-05-04 Upgrade to Creative Commons Attribution International 4.0 as quickly as possible.  This requires some migration to nfoCentrrale for overall coordination of this licensing.
in progress 2014-04-19 Repaving review: Not all fragment identifiers are XML-compliant.  A general review is needed to straighten those out.  [dh:2014-06-06 These are generally done as while-you're-at-it touch-ups when a page is touched for some reason.]
  2008-02-19 Add ErrorDocuments to the site to provide explicit account for problems in accessing (0404, etc.).  [dh:2008-02-19 There is a tutorial at  I need to acknowledge that.  I think I want to put the Error Documents in the construction section, probably as a set of templates.  This makes good sense, I think.  Although, in a way, these could be document-engineered in the construction section and included up into a set of pages at the add-on domain's root.  I can test this with the cgi-bin access-denied situation.  (dh:2014-06-25 The common "no-such-page" error should be used consistently and it should also be forced on access to embargoed material..  There should be no information leakage that would reveal information about whether there is material or not.)
done 2014-08-21 Add PCT: OpenDocument Protected Change-Tracking to front page of the site, linking to pct/
done 2014-08-21 Add pct/ top-level folder with Construction Structure and Zone
done 2014-07-10 bso/ Create Construction Structure and splice it into the front porch.  Manage it under Notes. 
done 2014-07-10 bso/ Create another site to be document-engineered.  Blue Sky Office is a format-agnostic all-things-to-all people fictitious office suite that will be created on its own subfolder structure.  The plan is to make it another document-engineered professional appearance folder that will have its own Construction Zone (at least a placeholder) for the same reasons that rct/ has one..
done 2014-07-10 odf/ needed?  Today I was thinking about something that suggested I need an odf/ or a bso/ (Blue Sky Office) folder (#72.58).  It looks like a bfo/ directory is sufficient
2014-06-29 Create an rct/ Construction Zone,  propogate it into Construction Structure, and also tie it into the front-porch Construction Zone.
2014-06-24 Add RCT project to welcome page (n080201)
2014-06-24 Add rct/ default page and its document engineering (n140603) as initial RCT public place-holder
done 2014-06-24 Add rct/ and splice into the front-porch construction structure
done 2014-06-06 Determine whether there are more broken links to nfoWare.htm because of case-sensitivity hiccups and whether a sync following Recalculate Hyperlinks can fix it.  There are 12 incoming links: index.htm, n080201d1, n080201e1, n080301d1, n080401c, n080401c1, n080401d, n080401d1, n100401c1, n140601c, n140601d1 [dh:2014-06-06 Some of these are incorrect links, probably because a Recalculate is needed.]
2014-06-04 Set up templates for the logos and thumbnails so they can be incrementally advanced.
2014-06-04 Split nfoWorks.htm and harmony.htm on the front porch for an improved entrance and alignment with current direction
2011-10-18 I need an nfoWorks logo and thumbnail.  I am thinking of something like the gear-wheel background and a foreground hammer and arm with anvil and bits coming out as the hammered work.  [dh:2014-06-01 Moved to n080201 where all of the front-page stuff belongs.]
2014-04-21 Fix the default.htm to de-emphasize repaving and be more like the NuovoDoc and OdmDev front-professional appearance welcome pages.  See n080201.  [dh:2014-06-01 This is a task for n080201 as already set up.]
2014-05-26 default:htm: Eliminate the default repaving message and put in something with a purpose (as for TROSTing) and a new logo image. [dh:2014-06-01 Task moved to n080201 where it already is.]
2014-05-28 default.htm: Create a construction folder for the different versions of the default front page [dh:This is already done at n080201.]
done 2014-04-19 Add keybase.txt and prove identity association of this site with
2008-02-16 Reflect the addition of at the nfoCentrale level and repave the nfoCentrale anchor
2011-08-15 Populate ns/odf/1.2/protection# next [dh:2012-04-29 changed 1.3 to 1.2.]
2011-08-20 Use letter prefixes on version-number ID values throughout the site. [dh:2011-10-18-14:18 This should be reflected in the repaving detail and there needs to be a systematic tracker for it.][index.htm, construction.htm, c000000.htm].  Create Construction activities for the remaining folders across the top.]
2008-02-16 Obtain approval of SourceForge project creation [dh:2008-02-19 My request was turned down because I linked to material rather than including it in the application.   I will make another attempt after I have more material here, then I'll edit a new application.][dh:2008-03-11 Apparently my claim on the project lasts for 90 days and I need to provide an acceptable proposal within that time or they drop my request.  Nice.][dh:2011-10-18 The project was created the simplified way.  I am not sure I am keen on the default setup.]
2011-08-15 Populate ns/odf/1.3/security# first
2011-08-15 Create a dev folio for development work and have the namespace source there
done 2011-08-16 Correct weird "you're at" text at ns/index.htm
done 2011-08-15 Add dev/ for development activities, with folio organization
done 2011-08-15 Add ns/ for namespace-definition support
done 2008-07-19 construction.htm: Hook up the Construction Material section as no longer pending
done 2008-05-08 construction.htm: Tie in the Notes Section Construction Zone.  [Leaving this unconnected from here all this time was an oversight.]
2008-02-16 The nfoWorks.htm page will be filled from an nfoWorks notes folio.  [dh:2008-03-11-17:36 This will be n080301.][dh:2008-03-31 No, it needs to be n080302].[dh:2008-05-08 it turns out to be n080401.]
2008-02-16 Incorporate construction structure properly in the hard-hat blocks as pages are customized for nfoWorks: c000000.htm, construction.htm, index.htm, images/index.htm, _private/index.htm, construction/ and other top-levels as they are brought in.  All except an index.htm should link to the index.htm at their own level with title "Construction Structure (Hard Hat Area)".  The hardhat-thumb.gif is used for all of the images.
2008-02-16 Restyle anchor blocks as they are customized for nfoWorks: c000000.htm, construction.htm, index.htm, images/index.htm, _private/index.htm, construction/ and other top-levels as they are brought in.
2008-02-16 Change all construction-block references to orcmid to link to with no-follows.  Do that on the front-porch and replicate into other sections as their construction is developed.  An easy way is to keep copying the complete construction strip to pages as they are visited for customization to nfoWorks.  c000000.htm, construction.htm, index.htm, images/index.htm, _private/index.htm, and other top-levels as they are brought in.  [An index.htm page refers to the governing Construction Zone, instead.] [dh:2008-02-19 I can view incoming links to and clean them up until none are left.  I'll do this after I have other bootstrapping handled.  I could also put a redirect at the orcmid.htm page, but it is too late to have thought of that.][dh:2008-03-02 I need to reflect this in the construction materials on site structure.]
done 2008-03-31 Link to the diary from the default page
2008-02-16 Create the notes subdirectory and set up for the initial notes.  There is a pent-up list.  (See #60.84) [dh:2008-04-11 Actually, work back from the latest note to there and earlier.  It may be better to move the on-paper notes into the job jar rather than making up too many folios at once.]
2008-03-08 See what I can do to get the notes section up and available for content as quickly as possible.
2008-03-08 Get a default.htm page up as quickly as possible.  The nfoWorks.htm page can come later.  Well, I need to think this through.  Technically, the default should be document-engineered from a note folio, so I have to ponder that a little.  [dh:2008-03-11 I will do this with n080201, it being appropriate to have that first.  It will be a document-engineering folder.]
2008-02-18 Account for the Bootstrap Stage and Hard Hat Stage progression, maybe in the c080201 material.
2008-02-16 Add the construction materials section construction structure to the overall construction structure and begin cleaning up.
done 2008-02-19 Add cgi-bin folder to match what Apache puts in the add-on domain on A2 Hosting.  Model it after _private.
2008-02-16 As soon as the Repaving Project boilerplate is modified to be for initial site styles, put the conformance block on construction job jars and construction-structure pages as they are reviewed and turned on.  [dh:2008-02-17 I am going to take the c080201 folio and turn it into an initial paving site, with inclusion elements that correspond.   This project should have only one latest page, because we are starting out with a fresh site.] c000000, construction.htm, index.htm, images/index.htm, _private/index.htm
done 2008-02-18 It really isn't the Hard Hat Stage, it is the Bootstrap Stage.  Change the messages in the Logo blocks to reflect that.  c000003b, c000004b, c000005b
2008-02-16 Set up a ClustrMap for  [dh:2008-02-17 Do enough template update to use the new ClustrMap with further customization left until we get to the construction materials section.]
done 2008-02-16 Request a SourceForge nfoWorks project
done 2008-02-16 Add the _private subdirectory to the Construction Structure
done 2008-02-16 Add the images subdirectory to the Construction Structure
done 2008-02-16 Set the control to deliver all .txt files as UTF-8.
done 2008-02-16 Set the appropriate (public_html root) .htaccess record to redirect all entries to the nfoWorks directory to the site.
done 2008-02-16 Set the add-on domain to enter the nfoWorks subdirectory of the hosted site.
done 2008-02-16 Don't share c080201 to the hosted site until it is ready.
done 2008-02-16 Rename the construction/2008/02 boilerplate folio to c080201 (this will be the paving insertions).
done 2008-02-16 Correct the index.htm to delink the Construction Materials for now.
done 2008-02-16 When there is a front porch, share it to the hosted-site image and upload to the hosted-site.
done 2008-02-16 Implement a front porch construction zone only, with the default matching the index.htm for now.  Pretend the other sections are not there.
done 2008-02-16 In the construction templates, revert to hard hat images for everything until we have something better.
done 2008-02-16 Implement just enough Construction Zone template material so that the key elements work here.  Do not link to internal Creative Commons material, just external material for now.
done 2008-02-16 Implement default.htm to be the same as index.htm, by inclusion.
done 2008-02-16 Customize index.htm based on the corresponding ODMdev page
done 2008-02-16 Create index.htm as a front-porch only construction structure with its own construction zone.
done 2008-02-16 Customize construction.htm based on the corresponding ODMdev page.
done 2008-02-16 Customize the construction zone construction.htm to be a bare bones nfoWorks front-porch construction zone
done 2008-02-16 Customize this construction zone diary and job jar down to just what is needed for the nfoWorks placeholder.
Revision History:
0.00 2008-02-16-12:52 Add Construction Zone
The zone diary and job jar from is customized for use in the construction zone at the front porch of  The initial customization is sufficient for a front-porch-only placeholder site.

Construction Structure (Hard Hat Area)

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