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ACM DL Author-ize serviceProgress Report: Protected Change-Tracking
Dennis E. Hamilton
DChanges '14 Proceedings of the 2nd International Workshop on (Document) Changes: modeling, detection, storage and visualization, 2014

doi> 10.1145/2723147.2723156
presented at the DChanges 2014 Workshop
Abstract. Change-tracking of digital documents leads to document alteration in some manner.  Protected Change-Tracking (PCT) is a response to the question, "How can one protect word-processing documents against alteration, verifiable by digital signature, and make signed amendments that are verified to be allowed modifications of the original document?"  A genealogical model is identified that preserves the digital signature of the ancestor and each change-tracked descendant.  PCT achieves a subset of genealogical cases having practical simplicity.  Applicability to documents in ODF format is sketched.

1. Introduction
2. Genealogical Protection
    2.1 Notation: patterns of manifestation
    2.2 Document genealogy
    2.3 Practical constraints for interchange
3. PCT Approach
    3.1 Limiting conditions
    3.2 Authentication
4. Supporting PCT in ODF
    4.1 Preparing the first generation
    4.2 Subsequent generations
5. Conclusion
6. Acknowledgments
7. References

Provisional Status

OpenDocument Protected Change-Tracking (PCT) is proposed for protecting OpenDocument documents against alteration, verified by digital signature, while allowing signed amendments that are verified modifications of the original document.  Having signed additions to unmodified signed originals is intended for turnaround-document applications using ODF Text documents and Spreadsheets such as request forms, expense reports, insurance claims, purchase orders, certain kinds of electronic ballot, and suitable contract/agreement forms. 

The initial formal presentation on PCT was at the DChanges 2014 Workshop, with the final publication, downloadable above, revised as the authoritative version in the subsequent proceedings. 

Current activity is on proof-of-concept demonstration based on an already-sketched high-level approach.

This is a provisional cover for project material, providing an early entry point to the work.  There will be expanded material as the proof-of-concept work progresses.

 Meanwhile, supporting analysis and exploratory work is also captured on-line.  Precursor material can found and viewed in additional areas of the nfoWorks site.

  • PCT OpenDocument Protected Change Tracking Development
    This is the hub for analysis and development of the PCT extension for OpenDocument, starting with Proof-of-Concept work.
  • nfoNotes Catalog
    listing mini-notebook hypertexts on nfoWorks topics.   Ones catalogued as applicable to PCT and ODF may be useful.
  • devNotes Catalog
    mainly listing developer-oriented technical material, there is related development content here, such as definitions of namespaces and production of test cases, along with development of proof-of-concept experiments.


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