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The authoritative formal publication of the approach developed here is in the paper, "Progress Report: Protected Change-Tracking."

Hamilton, Dennis E.  Progress Report: Protected Change-Tracking
DChanges 2014 Proc. 2nd International Workshop on Document Changes: Modeling, Detection, Storage and Visualization.  September 16th 2014, Fort Collins Colorado, USA. Version of Record at doi>10.1145/2723147.2723156. Authoritative version freely downloadable for personal use at <>.

Development of Protected Change-Tracking (PCT) as an extension for OpenDocument starts with determination of feasibility for implementation by adaptation of existing ODF-based software.

There are two parts to the first stage:

  1. Determination that PCT protected-change markers in ODF document elements do not disrupt any non-PCT consumers, whether or not markers are preserved.  The markers will be seen as foreign attributes and should be ignored.
  2. Verification that the existing ODF 1.2 Package Document Signature implementations can be adapted to the progressive signing of generations of PCT-protected documents.  That is, documents containing such signed-changes progressions will be properly recognized as verifiably-signed conventional ODF documents without disturbance by the additional content carried for PCT.  The verification of earlier generations by rolling-back the material should also function using existing ODF 1.2 Package Document Signature processing.

These are parallel activities since conventional consumers only see markers if the base document of a PCT document-file is extracted and opened by a down-level processor.

Achieving a proof-of-concept PCT-aware process involves some form of modification to existing applications.  That will introduce the next stage of feasibility determination.

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Hamilton, Dennis E.
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