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Although the Zip format is predominantly used as an archive and package format for preservation and interchange of collections of digital files, it is increasingly used as a container for multiple-part data organizations that are unrelated to organization of files in file systems.

Use of Zip as a carrier for document formats that have multiple, coordinated parts is now common.  The Document Container Profile adapts the Zip format to this specific purpose.  The Profile is employed in nfoWorks implementations of Zip-based document formats.  The Profile tracks with the International Standard ISO/IEC 21320-1, Document Container File format based on Zip.

The Profile goes beyond DCF Core by providing test assertions and test/verification suites.  There is also additional provision for incorporation under profiles for higher-level applications of DCF, as in OpenDocument Format (ODF) Package provisions.

  1. Document Container Profile Key Resources
  2. nfoWorks Usage of the Document Container Profile
  3. Folio Catalog

1. Document Container Profile Key Resources

The following resources are the backbone of the effort to establish a multiple-use nfoWorks Document Container Profile that has broad usage for container-born artifacts and reference implementations under nfoWorks:

2. nfoWorks Usage of the Document Container Profile

This section will be expanded as the profile is applied in nfoWorks functions.

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3. Folio Catalog

Hamilton, Dennis E.
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0.0.3 2017-02-25-16:16 Switch to Semantic Versioning, Update to better references.
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Reflect the availability of the DCF Core International Standard and touch up the description for the profile.
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The essentials are provided to enough detail to provide the next level on the Resources and Preliminaries page.
0.00 2013-04-17-18:19 Placeholder Cover Page for Initial Material
Also start a job jar page for recording work items for building more content.  The initial folio is derived from the clone of an existing folio.

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