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nfoLocker is an open-source, multi-platform utility for encryption and decryption of single files based on the use of ODF 1.2 packages and XML Encryption 1.1 Authenticated Encryptions. 

A key requirement is for a proof-of-concept and reference implementation for whole-package encryption of ODF 1.2 and later documents. 

An important byproduct is a hardened and certified general-purpose encryption/decryption utility and library for single-stream/-file/-package encryption and decryption.  The libraries shall be valuable in embedding the handling of encryption/decryption capabilities in software programs that process ODF documents, among others.

The nfoLocker utility can be used as a standalone utility for independent encryption and decryption of files.  This is useful as a consistent way of obtaining full encryption and decryption capability when using application software that lacks adequate built-in encryption.  It is also possible to operate the nfoLocker utility as an external extension of programs for interim usage until a hardened integration is achieved.

Although there is some overlap in function and purpose with other file encryption approaches, such as those of OpenPGP, nfoLocker is focused entirely on securing of files in binary form, relying on Zip as a container for the ciphertext and for the accompanying encryption parameters.  Password-based encryption is also supported as a first step in migration from password-based schemes to those having more secure key-exchange arrangements.

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