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ODF 1.2 Text-Document Schema Analysis


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This analysis concentrates on the ODF 1.2 Schema that is applicable specifically to text documents.  This narrows schema details somewhat and also limits the associated sections of  ODF 1.2 Part 1 that must be considered.

The scope of text-document provisions remains quite extensive.  The approach is to address in detail only those provisions that apply to specific features.  The content will be expanded to provide for cross-referencing from treatment of a text-document feature to the ODF 1.2 provisions, made easily referenced here.

The first feature-isolation will consist of provisions that involve or intersect with ODF 1.2 change-tracking.

-- Dennis E. Hamilton
Seattle, Washington

1. Conceptualization

{Ed.Note: To be a top-level guide to the conceptual elements.}

2. Resources Bibliography

{Ed.Note: Either a brief bibliography or an index into chunks of a more-elaborate one.}

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3. Related Material

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