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{Author's Note: This material is being repurposed from "RDF Principles" to "ODF Interoperability Assessment Helix."  The text remains to be cleaned up.}

Repaired Change-Tracking (RCT) is an approach to change-tracking for ODF 1.2 documents that corrects and extends the existing provisions of ODF 1.2 change-tracking for document text.

Beside providing a specific approach to achievement of interoperability in the use of ODF 1.2 change-tracked documents, the paper on RCT also identifies a general framework for assurance of interoperability among WYSIWYG processors using a variety of standard formats, whether or not change-tracking is involved.  For example, these principles apply to the establishment of interoperabiliity profiles for computer software that produces and consumes XML-based, ZIP-packaged standard document-file formats ODF, OOXML, and EPUB.

This nfoNote is devoted to the abstraction, elaboration, and extension of those principles as a general approach to interoperability among personal productivity software implementations via interchange using standard document-file formats.  Application of those principles will be illustrated with demonstration of interoperability assurance for software using the OASIS Standard ODF 1.2 Format for interchange.

The initial formal publication of these principles is in the paper, "Tracked Changes: Navigating the Document-Format Anti-Pattern," expressed in terms of change-tracking difficulties although applicable to interoperability assurance generally.  That paper is available at the RCT Publication entry.

-- Dennis E. Hamilton
Seattle, Washington
June 13, 2015


{Author's Note: I am not happy calling these "RCT Principles," even though the derivation of RCT in the Anti-Pattern paper introduced the principles I care about developing further here.  I am deep-ending on coming up with a Three-Letter Acronym and don't want to have that slow me down.  So it is RCT Principles for now, even though we are talking about WYSIWYG Digital Document Interoperability Assessment/Assurance more generally.  It would be nice if Helix were part of it.  See "ODF Conformance/Compliance Assurance Helix at <>.}

{Author's Note: There is an open question where the extensive materials of an assurance helix need to be housed and where supporting utilities are developed.  The goal is to have it be under a permissive open-source structure and a project that would be inviting to many contributors, including those for whom software QA and testing work is appealing.}



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